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FDA squeeze means more bad press for e-cigs

25th May 2018 - News analysis |

E-cigarettes have been hitting the headlines recently, thanks to recent actions by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which has been battling against teen use, particularly Juul Labs’ Juul product. Juul has taken a large portion of the market, and it has been framed as the Pied Piper of e-cigs, supposedly luring teens to the products.

Video: Clearing the clouds: Reduced-risk and vaping regulation

27th April 2018 - Video |

EURACTIV organised a workshop to discuss the way forward in reduced-risk and vaping regulation. Pablo Cano, our head of legal analysis, has participated in the workshop that included the following questions: What are the main differences between e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products? What is the reduced risk potential in this category? What more can be done to ensure a high » Continue Reading.