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If it’s Saturday, this must be Shenzhen (and an e-cig expo)

19th March 2015 - News analysis |

While delegates to this week’s World Conference on Tobacco or Health in Abu Dhabi presumably must decide which of the title’s categories e-cigarettes fall into, those who’ve missed it have another choice to make: just how many of the plethora of e-cig-related events in upcoming months they should attend. The conference in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is quickly followed » Continue Reading.

Behind the headlines: findings of the Johns Hopkins lung study

8th February 2015 - News analysis |

Switching to e-cigarettes may not ease the symptoms of smokers who are suffering from shortness of breath and coughing. Despite mass-media coverage implying that e-cigs might directly harm the lungs, this was the principal finding of recent research at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, studying the effects of e-cigarette vapour on mice.

Vapers “significantly less dependent” than smokers

17th December 2014 - News analysis |

Relatively little scientific work has been done on comparing dependence on nicotine via tobacco with dependence on the substance via other delivery vehicles. But new U.S. research attempts to answer this question using a new index of dependence created specifically for the comparison.