Health and science

Risky formaldehyde levels “won’t occur in normal use”

23rd May 2015 - News analysis |

E-cigarette users are unlikely to expose themselves to the dangerous amounts of formaldehyde that the devices can theoretically produce, because these are generated only at high levels of heat that bring about a repellent taste, says new research that partially rebuts findings from earlier this year.

In depth: how common are e-cig fires, and why do they start?

6th May 2015 - Market reports , Topic market reports |

As the use of e-cigarettes has spread, so has the number of fires started by them. But while this has raised some concerns and generated some headlines, these incidents form a small proportion of fires overall, and the risk comes mostly from poor-quality and counterfeit batteries – hazards that could be eliminated with improved regulation and consumer education.

Long-term study to examine health of vapers and dual users

14th April 2015 - News analysis |

The lack of long-term scientific studies into e-cigarettes is a common complaint. But the University of Wisconsin’s Center for Tobacco Research and Intervention (CTRI) is now starting to address that through a multi-year investigation of e-cigs’ health effects, backed by $3.7m in funding from the U.S. government’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the National Cancer Institute.

“Gateway effect” isn’t simple; drink and drugs involved too

23rd March 2015 - News analysis |

Of all the current concerns about the introduction of e-cigarettes, one that looms large is whether they can be a gateway to conventional smoking and to misuse of other substances such as marijuana. New research from the U.S. aims to cast some light on that, but the issue is contentious.

If it’s Saturday, this must be Shenzhen (and an e-cig expo)

19th March 2015 - News analysis |

While delegates to this week’s World Conference on Tobacco or Health in Abu Dhabi presumably must decide which of the title’s categories e-cigarettes fall into, those who’ve missed it have another choice to make: just how many of the plethora of e-cig-related events in upcoming months they should attend. The conference in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is quickly followed » Continue Reading.