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Harm-reduction strategies: how much action lies behind the talk?

1st June 2022 - Blogs |

Most tobacco companies are keen to be seen supporting the concept of harm reduction, especially through reduced-risk products like e-cigarettes, heat-not-burn and pouches. But how far is their support for the idea actually having an effect on their activities right now, as well as their future direction?

MEPs Against Cancer highlight link between tobacco and beating cancer…

31st May 2022 - Alerts | Europe |

First Italian conference on tobacco harm reduction to be held…

6th May 2022 - Alerts | Europe, Italy |

New research suggests a link between vape heating mechanisms and EVALI

6th May 2022 - News analysis |

The heating mechanisms of vaping devices may have played a part in the vaping-associated lung injury (EVALI) crisis, new research suggests. Initial theories on the August 2019 outbreak of EVALI in the US quickly linked the condition to the use of vitamin E acetate, a synthetic analogue of naturally occurring vitamin E such as would be found in food