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From the suspension of e-liquid tax in Estonia to retail taxes in Minnesota, you can read about it here.

Regulatory report: Kuwait

26th October 2021 - Regulatory reports |

Kuwait has allowed the importation and distribution of vaping products since 2016. In 2020 it introduced the use of the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE’s) current regulations for specifications, sale and use, while preparing and debating its own future regulations

Looming threat for China’s vape industry

17th December 2020 - Press releases |

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE China’s e-cigarette industry at mercy of sceptical government Beijing’s attitude could make or break growing vape sector in China Tougher official action on e-cigarettes could hit China’s growing e-cigarette market in the near future. A major new ECigIntelligence report suggests that the past laissez-faire attitude of Beijing is unlikely to return, and […]

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For example, the Italian Customs and Monopoly Agency is attempting to strengthen its controls of the illegal marketing of vaping products with a system of tax stamps. Will this move, implemented in the 2021 Budget Law, enable them to control tax evasion, counterfeiting and unfair competition?

Meanwhile, aiming to financially disincentivise citizens from using nicotine products, lawmakers in the state of New York recently introduced bills that would more than double the excise duties for vaping products. Will they succeed?

And what stance will the US’s new Biden-led administration take towards taxing e-cigarettes on a federal level?

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