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ECigIntelligence’s platform is dedicated to ensuring you find everything you need in one place. All our content is designed to meet specific business needs in the most useful way, providing both market and regulatory data.

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News analysis

Discover relevant and time-sensitive market and regulatory insights sourced from our international network of journalists and analysts with our business and regulatory briefings.

These concise articles include objective, well-balanced analysis and unrivaled access to leading stakeholders and industry sources. The “What this means” section offers ECigIntelligence’s expert summary of events and foresights.

Market reports

Our in-depth market reports provide actionable insights for you to maintain your competitive edge and understand the factors that impact your business. You will gain deep knowledge on how the market landscape operates and evolves which will help you to tailor your business strategy and make informed decisions.

Our market reports include market dynamics, market size, consumption patterns, competitor benchmarking and pricing, distribution patterns and much more.

Regulatory Reports

In-depth analysis of global regulatory landscape for individual country markets, including comprehensive coverage of all relevant regulatory and legal restrictions and compliance requirements in each major global market. It also includes an independent non-partisan analysis of the regulatory burden for key stakeholders.

Pricing snapshots

This is a quick access for marketplace competitor analysis with comprehensive downloadable excel spreadsheets. It contains detailed price points of 36 markets from the leading 20 online retailers to effectively analyse price changes.

In each of the markets, you can find information on open system kit, tanks, e-liquid, closed system kits/pods and refill pods, cigalikes and cartomisers with data on the pricing in each category available.

Regulatory databases

We know that to monitor and manage regulatory data is a challenge as the information is not easy to obtain, interpret or analyse. Solve these challenges with a timeless and effortless solution thanks to our comprehensive global trackers.

You will find detailed trackers on EU TPD implementation in all 27 EU member states. We also offer US State by state regulatory coverage of all key enacted legislation and bills affecting the e-cigarette sector, and international tracking of regulation covering different policy areas.

Some of the trackers we produce are:

  • EU restrictions, requirements and sanctions tracker
  • EU compliance tracker
  • Canada regulatory tracker: provincial and territorial legislation
  • Global regulatory burden Index
  • US state-by-state regulation of synthetic nicotine
  • US regulatory tracker: state executive orders banning flavour

Check our regulatory trackers section to discover all the legal contents available.

Product category trackers

This market tracker offers detailed pricing, brand and product information across the top online retailers in seven major e-cigarette markets – the US, the UK, Canada, Russia, Germany, France and Italy.

The data includes long-term tracking of 2-5,000 e-liquid and 400-500 hardware starter-kit products in each market along with analysis of product range growth and pricing development analysis in key product categories.

A visual dashboard shows pricing evolution of different product categories across quarters and years. Cleaned and categorised raw data is also available to conduct your own benchmarking at the level of individual brands and services.

Daily news alerts

This service offers a short summary of key regulatory changes delivered daily to your inbox from our leading data-gathering team. It also includes a monthly consolidated interactive/filtered downloadable database (Excel) of alerts, allowing tracking of policy change and development of key legislation.

You can also view and filter individual regulatory alerts per region.

Product feature trackers

Conveniently navigate our interactive and user-friendly visualisations to gain an advantageous perspective on flavours and nicotine strengths, and hardware analysis offered by leading brands and top websites in seven major e-cigarette markets – the US, UK, Russia, Germany, France,
Italy, and Canada.

Our data collection and in-house comparative analysis will allow you to augment your knowledge of the most significant flavour profiles, categories and nicotine formats as well as device analysis with its characteristics.

Market profile databases

This is an interactive database (updated monthly) containing ECigIntelligence’s latest vape market data and characteristics from across the ECigIntelligence service. It is a content-based downloadable excel with detailed comprehensive global data such as market size for c.50 e-cigarette markets, growth rates and forecast to 2025, vaping population and segmentation, form factor splits between key open and closed system product categories, distribution channel splits, and leading retailers.

Finally, it also has a consistent comprehensive methodology allowing cross-comparison between markets.