UK government agrees to take a fresh look at vaping rules after Brexit

The British government says it will review the European Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) in the light of the country’s upcoming departure from the EU, having accepted all the recommendations made in the parliamentary Science and Technology Committee’s report on e-cigarettes.

The official government response to the committee report reaffirms that the UK will continue to comply with the TPD while it remains in the EU – but after Brexit, changes could occur.

While the TPD and the Tobacco Advertising Directive (Directive 2003/33/EC) will no longer directly apply to the UK, the Tobacco and Related Products Regulations 2016 – the British legislation currently implementing both directives – will remain in force.

The command paper published by the Department of Health and Social Care says, however: “The Government will review where the UK’s exit from the EU offers us opportunities to re‑appraise current regulation to ensure this continues to protect the nation’s health.”


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