US online e-liquid buyers head for bigger bottles at smaller prices

Online sales of e-liquid in the US have seen a clear move over the past year towards larger bottle sizes and lower prices, an ECigIntelligence report reveals.

The price of smaller bottles rose between 2016 and 2017, whereas the prices of larger quantities fell considerably over the same period.

In 2016, 30 ml bottles were by far the most popular with all the top three online US retailers. However, in 2017 the popularity of 60 ml bottles approximately doubled across the board, and this size now dominates sales.

Data on brand availability, and the number of products available from each brand, enabled ECigIntelligence to identify the top 20 US e-liquid brands.

And we found that the brand which had the largest number of smaller bottles in 2016 was the only one of the top three sites that then saw a decrease in the number of products featured.

Photo: Lynne Hand

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