Search is main source of visitors for many e-cig sites

flooded - Brittney BuckleySearch is the key driver of Website traffic for many U.S. online e-cigarette vendors, according to new ECigIntelligence research.

Traffic patterns for online retailers who sell multiple brands of cigalikes, e-liquid, tanks, and mods show high levels of Web traffic originating from organic search – but little from direct visits by consumers who already know their Web address.

This appears to suggest that sites selling multiple brands are strategically investing in search engine marketing, and that consumer loyalty to these retailers is not strong.

By contrast, only a few online vendors – typically those selling a single brand of cigalikes, with a strong advertising and offline retail presence as well as compelling brand-building content – are generating substantial traffic from direct visits by U.S. consumers.

For some of these, however, nearly 50% of total Website traffic originates from direct visits, suggesting they enjoy far more consumer loyalty and awareness than the multi-brand sites.

The ECigIntelligence research also highlights churn in the online market, where only three Websites ranked in the top ten most-visited last year remain there in 2015.

The detailed insight into traffic patterns on top U.S. e-commerce sites for e-cigarettes comes in a new report from ECigIntelligence, available to Silver, Gold and Platinum subscribers.

A separate, complementary report investigates U.S. online pricing and finds that in nearly all e-cigarette product categories there has been a significant downward trend over the last 12 months.

– Barnaby Page ECigIntelligence staff

Photo: Brittney Buckley


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