Vape stores and tobacconists locked in battle for the French market

As their traditional trade slumps, French tobacconists are moving into the vaping market – to the great displeasure of most vape stores.

For about a year French tobacconists have been selling a large range of quality vaping products at low prices, according to Gilles Rassant, owner of the vape shop VapStor in Lyon, who reports that most of his customers have defected to the tobacconist next door.

“It’s going to be difficult for us, especially if they’re getting training and improving their skills on vaping,” he said. “They’re going to take big market shares from us.

“Tobacconists are allowed to sell vaping products, but it’s not supposed to be their role. There’s a paradox between selling a problem, cigarettes, and the remedy for the same problem, e-cigarettes. It makes it hard to trust them – to me their motivation is just money.”


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