Vitamin vapes – trending now, but do they actually work?

A long-standing niche habit of vaping vitamins appears to be becoming a trend in the US. Companies offering products resembling e-cigs but with vitamins swapped for nicotine have inspired a series of media articles quoting experts on the reasons why vaping vitamins is apparently ill-advised. The big question hanging over the whole phenomenon, though, is: Does it work? And the answer appears to be: Probably not really.

One health expert told ECigIntelligence that hardly any of a vitamin is likely to be absorbed through the vaping process. They said water-soluble vitamins, such as B12, are more likely to be absorbed through vaping than fat-soluble vitamins. The way vitamins respond to heat may also be significant – if it affects them, then of course vaping may destroy their value.

Catherine Price, author of “Vitamania: How Vitamins Revolutionized The Way We Think About Food”, said: “If you’re trying to use vitamins to justify your vaping habit, you may want to work on your critical thinking skills.”


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