Writing for ECigIntelligence

ECigIntelligence welcomes articles from all parties with an interest in the e-cigarette sector, its development and its regulation.

Contributions should be up to 1,000 words, and be sent to the editorial director, Barnaby Page.

Please end your article with a short note describing who you are, who you work for, and why that’s relevant to the sector (if it’s not obvious).

We may edit your article slightly for style or brevity. We may also use it, or excerpts from it, in other publications that we produce.

Please read the following advice before writing, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to check in advance.

(These notes are for people connected to the industry who’d like to make their voice and views heard through ECigIntelligence. If you’re a freelance journalist and you want to pitch a story, and get paid for it, please email Barnaby before writing anything – we do use freelancers, but we have a very specific idea of what we want, and how and when we want it.)


Focus on a precise topic. Don’t attempt to describe the whole e-cigarette sector in your 1000 words. It’s far better to concentrate on a detailed analysis of one particular aspect.

Have a case, and make it! If you have a strong opinion about right or wrong approaches to the market or its regulation, there’s no need to sit on the fence.

Think global. ECigIntelligence readers are all around the world. Remember that they may not know your home market in detail. Plus, the best articles are those that teach lessons, or provoke thought, globally.


State the obvious. Readers of ECigIntelligence already know what an e-cigarette is, how it works, and so on. You can get straight into the meat of your argument without going over the basics.

Preach to the choir (any of the choirs). ECigIntelligence is not the place for anti-smoking/vaping or freedom-to-smoke/vape arguments, except where they directly inform public policy or create business opportunities/challenges.

Dwell on products, unless they’re truly innovative. The development and regulation of the sector is the principal interest of ECigIntelligence.com readers. The minutiae of particular products is not, as a rule, something we need to explore exhaustively.

Talk too much about “segmenting the e-cig 3.0 quadrant”. Plain English works better.