Our user-friendly databases provide a wealth of information, insights, statistics, estimates and analysis in a consolidated format. They cover aspects such as EU tax, form factors split for various key global markets and international stakeholders, plus more. Here you can get accurate information in a content-based downloadable excel with detailed comprehensive global data.

Key global e-cigarette markets database: August 2021

Written by ECigIntelligence || 12th August 2021 || Databases |

ECigIntelligence’s global e-cigarette market database, produced exclusively for Platinum subscribers, includes market size estimates; smoking rates; vaping statistics; form factors; online and offline pricing; distribution channels; brands and chains; and key contacts; covering more than 50 countries worldwide...

ECigIntelligence Europe tax database: November 2020

Written by Elsa Carrasco || 30th November 2020 || Databases |

The ECigIntelligence Europe tax database is an essential and detailed source to help you to understand vaping and tobacco taxes for the 27 EU member states and the UK. This database provides a detailed insight into tax regulation,...

US e-cig stakeholders database

Written by ECigIntelligence || 16th November 2020 || Databases |

Use our newly updated directory of stakeholders in the EU e-cigarette world to find the most relevant organisations in every...

COVID-19 online markets tracker

Written by Hèctor Rodríguez Tubau || 14th August 2020 || Databases |

This interactive tracking tool presents online traffic changes in the vape retail sector across 32 countries, including analysis of total online traffic evolution per country, total regional online traffic by retailer type, and changes in domestic...

Heated tobacco markets database Q2 2019

Written by ECigIntelligence || 8th July 2019 || Databases |

ECigIntelligence’s new and exclusive heated tobacco market database gives platinum subscribers a thorough understanding of the world’s leading heat-not-burn (HnB) markets ...