Training for professionals

ECigIntelligence offers standard programmes and a fully customisable training service to industry professionals. Our aim is to improve knowledge, develop skills and enhance the capabilities of any team members in an organisation.

From general training on basic information and industry standards, to complex legal and market aspects of the sector, we are capable of delivering the right programmes to meet your team’s specific training needs.

The service is suitable for all teams, from senior and management level training providing legal and strategy insights, to a more basic understanding of product types, country specifications and general consumer trends for your sales team or entry-level staff.

    Training to fulfil your needs

    Training to fulfil
    your needs

    Longer knowledge  retention

    Longer knowledge

    More memorable training experience

    More memorable
    training experience

    Online training

    When & where you want

    Our e-learning service offers training modules/courses to your team that they can use at their own convenience. We provide different formats depending on your requirements and the purpose of the programme.

    Onsite training

    At your office

    Onsite training offers you the advantage to group your team members with the same educational needs in one place, without having to move from your offices, and interact directly with the trainer during the session, fulfilling all doubts at the same time and to everyone all at once.


    Without geographical limitations

    Get the flexibility you need when grouping your team members for training. Just select the day and time that suits everyone and connect them together from different parts of the world. Our team will be available to provide the right training to cover your team's needs.

    Standard training

    Our e-learning service offers standard modules/courses about the main topics. These are usually provided for online training but they can be adapted as well to onsite courses.

    Tailored training

    We offer a cost-effective tailored solution to your business because we create the best end2end training programme to help your company achieve its strategic goals. Our team of experts made of lawyers, economists and journalists will research, analyse and review all the information you need so you don’t have to do it.

    Get an idea of what we can do for you

    • Training for regulatory submissions team of an e-cig product manufacturer in the EU on notification obligations stemming from the EU Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) with country-specific variables tackling:

      - Common EU reporting format (definitions and procedure)
      - Liable parties and applicable sanctions for non-compliance
      - Product types
      - Necessary documentation and data
      - Product notification updates, substantial modifications, and product withdrawals
      - Regulatory requirements for testing
      - Notification fees and timings.
    • Onsite/online training for a vape shop chain in the EU, training staff including owners and store managers on their obligations pursuant to the EU Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) with country-specific variables tackling:

      - TPD documentation obligations of products in-stock (i.e. product notification information from importers/producers/wholesalers)
      - TPD labeling requirements
      - CLP product documentation obligations and labeling requirements
      - Point-of-sale advertising regulations (including online sellers)
      - Point-of-sale product display regulations
      - Restrictions to minors, including age detection and signaling requirements.

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