ECigIntelligence training centre

Welcome to our client training section. Here you can ease into things by watching our demo tours that cover the different content types* we offer.

We suggest watching the videos on a full screen. Please allow a few seconds for the video to load if you see the text a bit blurred. For short descriptions of the content types, visit our tour page.

*Only available to subscribers according to subscription access.

Market and regulatory reports

This demo focuses on our market and regulatory reports. Find out what types of reports we offer, what they include, and how to search for country information.

Pricing snapshots

This demo focuses on our pricing trackers. Get downloadable excel spreadsheets with detailed price levels for different product types, including closed system kits, pre-filled clearomisers and cartomisers, open system kits, etc. in more than 30 key vaping markets. Find out what they offer and how to use them.

Product category trackers

This demo focuses on our brands trackers. Get a detailed analysis of all brands offered within the leading online retailers in selected markets, as well as price and product analysis; longitudinal price evolution analysis; detailed benchmarking and comprehensive methodology allowing cross-comparison between markets.

Regulatory alerts

This demo focuses on our regulatory alerts. This service offers a short summary of key regulatory changes delivered daily to your inbox from our leading data-gathering team. It also includes a monthly consolidated interactive/filtered downloadable database (Excel) of alerts, allowing tracking of policy change and development of key legislation.

Global market database

This demo focuses on our global market database, one of our key contents within our databases section. This is an interactive database (updated monthly) containing ECigIntelligence’s latest vape market data and characteristics from across the ECigIntelligence service.

It is a content-based downloadable excel with detailed comprehensive global data for c.50 e-cigarette markets.

Regulatory databases

This demo focuses on our regualtory trackers. We know that to monitor and manage regulatory data is a challenge as the information is not easy to obtain, interpret or analyse. Solve these challenges with a timeless and effortless solution thanks to our comprehensive global trackers.

Flavour & nicotine trackers

This demo focuses on our flavour and nicotine trackers. Gain an advantageous perspective on the most significant flavour profiles, categories, nicotine formats and nicotine strengths offered by leading brands and top websites in seven major e-cigarette markets – the US, UK, Russia, Germany, France, Italy, and Canada.

Hardware tracker

This demo focuses on our hardware tracker. This interactive and user-friendly dashboard reveals how technical features of vape hardware kits offered by the leading online retailers have evolved since mid-2019.

Follow the trends from miniaturisation to enhanced flavour delivery through innovations in atomisation technology and compare the adoption rate of trends across the seven biggest e-cigarette markets – the US, UK, Russia, Germany, France, Italy, and Canada.