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Some of the publications we collaborate with is Vapouround Magazine


Tim Phillips, ECigIntelligence Managing Director, participated in the interview with the BBC news to sort out several questions about the potential ban on disposable vapes in the UK. This proposed ban stems from the escalating concerns surrounding the rising trend of young people vaping. Date: 29th January 2024


Check out the interview to our editorial director, Barnaby Page, at GFN TV 2024 about the unstoppable rise of e-cigarettes, despite regulatory challenges and misinformation:

ECigIntelligence’s independent analysis for the e-cigarette sector has been widely reported in the press. Here is just a selection of our media coverage:


"Tim Philips, ECigIntelligence founder, says BAT and PMI had been suffering from “Fomo” – fear of missing out – before they launched Vuse Go and Veeba, their single-use vape offerings, last year. They “are definitely panicked about being late to the party with the disposable category”, he adds."

Financial Times

"Those stores said such products accounted for nearly 20 percent of sales, according to ECigIntelligence, which surveys hundreds of the shops each year. The company projected that the U.S. vape market, web sales included, would be nearly $6 billion this year."

The New York Times

"The situation escalated over the summer, after a spate of illnesses and deaths related to electronic-cigarette use. ECigIntelligence, a data provider, now forecasts a 13% decline in the U.S. vaping market in 2020. "

The Washington Post

"New advertising rules will also come into force. “There’ll be a total ban on cross-border advertising,” tells Tim Phillips of industry-watcher ECigIntelligence."

The Guardian

"Elf Bar, Lost Mary and several other iMiracle brands are expected to generate $3.5 billion to $4 billion globally this year, according to industry analyst ECigIntelligence."


"“More and more supermarket chains are taking up large, independent UK e-liquid brands as the market is maturing and these companies can fulfil the required volume of production,” says ECigIntelligence market analyst Stavroula Anastasopoulou."

The Grocer

"The highest concentration of the shops, which sell only electronic cigarettes, liquid nicotine for use with them and accessories, are in the North of England, Scotland and London, industry body ECigIntelligence found."

Daily Mail

"Tim Phillips, managing director at analysts ECigIntelligence, agreed there will be dramatic changes. In addition to the EU and the US, where the Food and Drug Administration is expanding its regulatory power to e-cigarettes and hookah tobacco, Phillips said China can be expected to regulate its vaping industry, possibly along the lines of what is adopted in the EU and US."

Tobacco Journal International

"The North of England, Scotland and London have the largest concentration of vaping shops, according to industry body ECigIntelligence."

The Sun

"Further contribution came from Pablo Cano Trilla, head of legal affairs at ECigIntelligence [...] Trilla told the meeting that regulators must take various key factors into consideration with any possible regulation of the market. This, he said, should include making a "legal distinction" between smoking products and alternatives such as e-cigarettes. "The idea of distinct laws", he said, "is that reduced risk products should not be subject to the same regulatory framework as cigarettes". "

The Parliament Magazine

"U.S. brick-and-mortar vape shops generate annual non-online sales of more than $300,000 per store, according to the 2015 Vape Shop Index, released today by ECigIntelligence, Roebling Research, E-Cigarette Forum and the Smoke-Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA). "This really is the first time that the industry will have detailed independent data from vape shops, where much of the growth in the sector is now occurring, reaching more than $1.5 billion in annual revenue," said Tim Phillips, CEO, ECigIntelligence."


"According to statistics released in February 2017 by ECigIntelligence, the global electronic cigarette retail market amounts to some US$6.4 billion. In 2016, the market size in China was about RMB3.2 billion Chinese (US$465 million)."

Tobacco Asia

"It was a blow to the US electronic cigarette industry, which was worth $ 3.7 billion in 2015, according to ECigIntelligence, since its companies must be approved by the FDA before any market entry."

Forbes Israel

"Analysts at ECigIntelligence, which tracks the vaping industry, had been forecasting global e-cigarette sales to grow 14 per cent next year and about 20 per cent in Britain. However, because of the U.S. outbreak, they now expect no growth in sales globally and half the expected growth in Britain. Meanwhile, sales in the U.S. are expected to fall 13 per cent after years of double-digit growth."

The Globe and Mail

"The new figure comes from a more in-depth study and analysis from ECigIntelligence which used a based its calculations on a different research. ECigIntelligence managing director Tim Phillips said: "We took a conservative approach when performing our market analysis, but we still found the European market to be significantly larger than expected. This highlights the startling potential of the e-cigarette sector."

International Business Times

"Analysts report that disposables are still just 5per cent of the nearly $15 billion US global vaping market, according to the firm ECigIntelligence."


"According to ECigIntelligence, Hungary will charge huf65 ($0.23) per milliliter of e-liquid from Jan. 1, 2017 and huf70/mL from July 1, 2017. Slovenia has been collecting €0.18/mL since Aug. 1. “With a quarter of the EU’s 28 member states now putting category-specific taxes on e-cigs, [taxation] is no longer the rare policy anomaly it once seemed,” ECigIntelligence wrote."

Vapor Voice Magazine

"The ERBI is based on 23 factors, that ECigIntelligence has identified as essential for measuring the legal hurdles retailers and manufacturers across the globe face."


"What about our views at ECigIntelligence as to the future prospects for the sector? We think there is growing consumer demand for micro-tank and pod devices, as evidenced by the success of JUUL and the launch of multiple new products in the US. The same pod products will need to be adapted for the regulatory regime over in Europe, but will likely be successful in more mainstream distribution channels such as convenience stores. Heated tobacco and hybrid (tobacco/e-cig) products are likely to grow in importance globally, but we expect them to grow the overall category rather than cannibalise existing e-cig users."

E-cigarette direct

"The first e-cigarette was approved for sale in the U.K. in 2007. Since then the U.K. market size has grown to an estimated £725 million in 2018, according to ECigIntelligence, with vaping-specific companies such as JUUL and big tobacco firms such as British American Tobacco and Philip Morris selling such products."


"In some European countries, including Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland and Portugal, buying vapor products online is no longer possible as distance sales have been banned, Ecigintelligence reports."

Tobacco Reporter

"The regulations, which can be read here, would deem e-cigs to be tobacco products. According to EcigIntelligence, if passed, the regulations would be brought under authority of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA) within the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) in the White House."

Vape News

"“There appears to be some disconnect between product authorisation and product availability,” said ECigIntelligence managing director Tim Phillips in an email to subscribers. “It could be that manufacturers and importers are gambling on non-enforcement or even a rollback of the FDA regulations governing e-cigarettes,” he added."

Vaping 360

""The black cloud of tobacco hangs over this whole sector," Phillips said. "The perception of risk among consumers is the biggest barrier to it going mainstream.""

Chicago Tribune

"According to Ecigintelligence news: Iceland passed a new law in the legislative meeting held last week, the first special regulation and taxation of electronic cigarettes."


"The tobacco industry share of the global vaping market is estimated to be less than 20% by research firm ECigIntelligence."

ATHRA - Australian Tobacco Harm Reduction Association

"Daniel Mollenkamp of ECigIntelligence has the following to say about Altria’s move: Altria’s third-quarter results put the company’s commitments to the FDA into perspective. It is notable not only that Altria currently holds less than 5% of the total US e-cig market, but that more than 80% of Nu Mark’s e-vapour volume on the market in this past quarter will, in the company’s own words, “remain on the market”. Moreover, Philip Morris International (PMI)’s IQOS is inching closer to the US market, where it will be sold by Altria."

Vapor Vanity

"According to a survey by ECigIntelligence , e-liquid manufacturers in the US fear an impending ban on aromas far more than American vape stores."

DAMPFER Magazine

"EcigIntelligence ha ricalcolato l'effettiva quota di mercato Usa dell'azienda dopo aver verificato i dati con il socio di minoranza Altria"


"(Mention): Tim Phillips, Director of ECigIntelligence, participated in a seminar on tobacco control at the Swedish Embassy (Minato-ku, Tokyo) on 27th November."


"Come sappiamo ormai le prossime elezioni Europee sono alle porte e quindi le campagne elettorali dei candidati stanno entrando nel periodo più infuocato per cercare di guadagnarsi il maggior numero di voti possibile. Molti gli slogan e le promesse, ma quali sono i reali interessi dei candidati sul settore della sigaretta elettronica? Grazie a “Ecig Intelligence” di seguito vi proporremo le varie “scuole di pensiero” dei politici."


"And the vape market, which is now worth an estimated £1.4bn, according to Ecigintelligence data from Blu, is clearly benefiting from this shift of the rudder."

Convenience Store

"Made life particularly difficult for smaller brands with limited distribution options” says David Palacios Rubio, managing editor for news at ECigIntelligence, a market analysis provider."

The Wire China