Disposable e-cigarette tracker trial version and tutorial

This interactive and user-friendly dashboard showcases data for disposable vapes sold in the leading online retailers across the seven largest vaping markets – the US, UK, Russia, Germany, France, Italy, and Canada. Follow trends in the number of products offered, pricing, flavour and nicotine features, and technical features from the first quarter of 2020 until today.

You can now trial the interactive disposable tracker below.



Reasons to buy

  • Understand product evolution and trends
  • Receive analysis to gain insight into end-user preferences
  • Compare products available in seven major e-cigarette markets
  • Find opportunities to enhance your business
  • Analysis per quarter from Q1 2020
  • Have a clear view of the changing characteristics of disposable e-cigarettes and compare the offer of leading brands and characteristics of particular models
  • Receive categorised, clean data sets for the most recent quarter in order to pursue in-house analysis.

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The new and exclusive ECigIntelligence disposable e-cigarette tracker is providing comparative insights to professionals operating within the various areas of the e-cigarette sector. Whether you are a manufacturer, distributor, investor or seeking the best way to develop your brand, this tracker will enable you to plan your strategy with confidence.

Update rate Quarterly: data gathered in middle of quarter (range of dates depending on market)
Archive analysis period Quarterly from Q1 2020
Markets covered US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Russia
Retail channels Online: leading online multi-brand retailers representing approximately 25-50% of total online sales in each market; indicative of total market
Data-points analysed (all tracked quarters) c.70,000
Individual products for which cleaned raw data is available each quarter c.10,000
Categories analysed
  • Product count
  • Price per ml
  • Tank capacity (ml)
  • Number of puffs
  • Product shape
  • Product dimensions (volume, mm3)
  • Battery capacity (mAh)
  • Rechargeable battery (Yes/No)
  • Nicotine strength (mg/ml)
  • Share of products containing nicotine salts (%)
  • Flavour categories (eg: fruit, tobacco, etc)
  • Flavour components (up to five distinct flavours claimed in description)
  • Share of products with cooling flavours (%)
Data splits Country, brand, model

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Trial dashboard

The visualisation below is a trial version and does not provide real analysis for any country.

Dashboard description

Users are able to navigate through four tabs in the dashboard:


Overall tab

This tab contains a quarterly comparison by country of the categories analysed.

In the line graphs, each line represents a different country. Users are able to select which countries they want to display in the chart. In the bar charts, users can select one country at a time. For a country comparison for a specific metric in the chart, users can hover over the metric and a graph comparing countries will appear in the tooltip.

Users are also able to filter the charts by brand and by whether they want the charts to display values representing all products (where each different flavour for a specific model is counted as a separate product), or distinct models (where each specific model is counted only once, regardless of the number of flavours it has). This last filter is present in all graphs except for the ones concerning flavours and nicotine – as distinct models come in multiple different flavours and nicotine strengths it does not make sense to have an option that represents distinct models.


Brands tab

This tab contains a quarterly brand comparison of the categories analysed in a selected country. For every country included in the tracker, users can compare the top 15 brands in terms of the total number of products across all quarters.

The graphs are identical to the ones in the overall tab, except that in the line graphs each line represents a separate brand in the selected country. Users are able to select up to three brands at a time in each chart.


Models tab

This tab contains a comparison of the categories analysed between specific models in a selected quarter and country.

In each chart, users can select a specific country and quarter to view differences between models. Users are also able to filter by brand.


Product comparison tab

This tab compares a selected model in a specific country and quarter to the ten most similar models available in the market in that country and quarter.

Similarity between models was determined according to five product features: battery capacity, tank capacity, number of puffs, shape and rechargeability. The Similarity Index was calculated using Gower’s Distance, a metric that compares records based on both quantitative and categorical variables.


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