E-cigarettes in Canada

Regulation of vaping products came in in 2018, bringing medium level restrictions and a fast-growing market. This page provides all of our material relating to Canada and its vaping market. This includes all of our full-length Canadian market and regulatory reports, our extensive news coverage – both business and regulatory – our numerous trackers and databases, as well as our live alerts.

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In May 2018, the Tobacco and Vaping Products Act became law, bringing nationwide regulation of e-cigarettes to Canada. The Tobacco and Vaping Products Act (TVPA) sets the general rules governing vapour products, both with and without nicotine.

Various new regulations relating to product restrictions and labelling and packaging requirements have entered into force in recent years, with many more currently proposed, mostly relating to flavour restrictions.

In February 2019, the government served notice of plans to tighten restrictions on advertising and published the Notice of Intent – Potential Measures to Reduce the Impact of Vaping Products Advertising on Youth and Non-users of Tobacco Products. As of August 2020, shops that allow access to under-18s are not allowed to advertise of display products, while online shops must have an age-verification system to do so.
Individual provinces have started taking matters into their own hands, imposing further restrictions including tax hikes, flavour restrictions and nicotine caps.

Canada is a fast-growing market; however, the growth rate is currently negatively affected by the recent vaping scandal in the US. Vape stores are registering a significant decrease in sales.