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The interactive and user-friendly dashboard reveals how technical features of vape hardware kits offered by the leading online retailers have evolved since mid-2019. Follow the trends from miniaturisation to enhanced flavour delivery through innovations in atomisation technology and compare the adoption rate of trends across the seven biggest e-cigarette markets – the US, UK, Russia, Germany, France, Italy, and Canada.

The new and exclusive ECigIntelligence hardware tracker is providing comparative insights to professionals operating within the various parts of the e-cigarette sector. Whether you are a manufacturer, distributor, investor or seeking the best way to develop your brand, this tracker will enable you to plan your strategy with confidence.

Number of dashboards: One

You can now trial the interactive hardware tracker below.


Reasons to buy

  • Understand product evolution and trends
  • Receive analysis to gain insight into end user preferences
  • Compare products available in seven major e-cigarette markets
  • Find opportunities to enhance your business
  • Analysis per quarter from Q3 2019
  • Includes both open system and closed system hardware
  • Have a clear view of the changing characteristics of device categories and compare the offer of leading brands and particular models
  • Receive categorised, clean data sets per quarter to dig deeper inhouse
  • Link this product with the ECigIntelligence brands trackers, pricing trackers and flavour and nicotine trackers using product IDs

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Details of the data and in-house analysis included in this tracker are:

ECigIntelligence Hardware Tracker:
Update rate Quarterly: data gathered in middle of quarter (range of dates depending on market)
Archive analysis period 2yrs+, quarterly from Q3 2019
Markets covered US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Russia
Retail channels Online: leading online multi-brand retailers representing est. 25-50% of total online sales in each market; indicative of total market
Data-points analysed c.500,000
Individual products for which cleaned raw data available each quarter 4,000-5,000 products
Categories analysed Atomiser/Coils set (type e.g. mesh/ceramic; name; resistance (ohm))
Chip set (name)
OLED Screen (yes/no)
Max Power Output (Watts)
Temperature Control (yes/no)
Battery Capacity (mAh)
Dimensions of hardware unit (volume, mm3)
Tank volume Capacity (ml)
Built-In Battery (yes/no)
Battery compatibility
Data splits Disposable; Closed pods; Open pods; Basic Open system; Advanced Open system; Brands

Hardware tracker

The dashboard displays the following information:

  • Select product type:
    • Open system
    • Closed system
  • Filter by product type:
    • Open system:
      • Open pods
      • Basic open system
      • Advanced open system
    • Closed system
      • Prefilled pod kits
      • Disposables (excluding flavour variants)
  • Product characteristics tracked in the closed system categories
    • Closed pod kits (by all models)
      • Battery features (Power of in-built battery – mAh)
      • Dimensions (Average product size – mm3, Average tank capacity – ml)
      • Technical features (Percentage with button)
    • Disposables (by all models)
      • Dimensions (Average tank capacity – ml)
      • Technical features (Average number of puffs)
  • Filter by sevent markets
  • Filter by top 10 brands


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Trial dashboard

The visualisation below is a trial version and contains randomised data for all countries.

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This product is available as an add-on to any of our subscription plans.

If you want more information about this product please contact us.