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30th September 2022 - Africa, Egypt |
Egypt: Tomorrow, 1st October, is the deadline given to companies manufacturing, importing and distributing tobacco and its alternatives to affix prices on tobacco products, e-cigarettes and tobacco alternatives using a QR code, in accordance with the Egyptian Consumer Protection Agency (CPA) Resolution No. 125 of 2021.
28th September 2022 - Africa, South Africa |

South Africa: The government has approved the submission to Parliament of the 2018 Tobacco Products and  Electronic Delivery Systems Control Bill, which will regulate e-cigarettes both with and without nicotine. Among other things, the bill – the latest version of which has not yet been published – proposes “100% smoke-free indoor” and some outdoor non-smoking and non-vaping areas, and strengthens the rules on packaging and health warnings.

23rd September 2022 - Africa, South Africa |
South Africa: In a parliamentary standing finance committee meeting, the National Treasury dismissed protests from the business sector over the proposed ZAR2.90 ($0.16) per ml e-cigarette tax and suggestions to lower that to ZAR0.70 ($0.04) per ml, press reports. According to the authority, the long-term health effects of e-cigarettes are unknown, and therefore the government is taking cautionary steps. It added that the current rate is introductory and may be adjusted in the short and medium term.
17th August 2022 - Africa, South Africa |

South Africa: The Department of Health has told ECigIntelligence that the draft Control of Tobacco Products and Electronic Delivery Systems Bill, first put forward in 2018has been approved by the Forum of South African Directors General for presentation to the cabinet. Ministers will now either agree and submit the bill to parliament or suggest changes. The next steps, including the timetable, will be guided by the cabinet.

11th August 2022 - Africa, Egypt |

Egypt: The Ministry of Finance has issued a decree setting out a new process for paying the health insurance tax on tobacco products. Decree No. (369) of 2022, published in the Official Gazette, requires the tax to be paid to the state’s public treasury, through Central Bank of Egypt account 2/70/30301/2, instead of the Health Insurance AuthorityE-liquids are taxed in Egypt are taxed at a rate of EGP2 ($0.11) per ml plus 10% of the price.

1st August 2022 - Africa, South Africa |
South Africa: The National Treasury has proposed a flat excise duty rate of ZAR2.90 ($0.18) per ml for both nicotine and non-nicotine vaping products. The bill will be open for public comment until 29th August. Comments should be sent to the designated email addresses set on the authority's website. After the deadline, the authority will engage with industry members through public workshops to discuss the comments.
27th July 2022 - Africa, Morocco |

Morocco: The Haraki Group of members of the centre-right Popular Movement submitted a draft bill on e-cigarettes to the House of Representatives during a public session yesterday. According to press reports, the proposals include stricter rules on public vaping, health warnings on packaging, a ban on e-cig advertising and on their sale to minors. However, as the party holds only 28 of the 395 seats in the House, the bill is unlikely to gather sufficient support.

25th July 2022 - Africa, Egypt |

Egypt: The Ministry of Health and Population has tweeted a warning about e-cigarettes, which it says “do not help you quit smoking”. It adds: “E-cigarettes contain toxic substances that harm your health just like regular cigarettes.”

1st July 2022 - Africa, Egypt |
Egypt: Today (1st July) the Egyptian Tax Authority published a warning against the sale of tobacco products, e-cigarettes and heated tobacco that do not contain tax stamps. It stated that whoever sells tobacco products without the tax stamp (pendulum) on them could face criminal charges of tax and customs evasion, punishable by imprisonment. The tax authority also announced a new QR stamp system that is yet to be implemented.
30th June 2022 - Africa, Egypt |
Egypt: The Egyptian customs authority has published instruction No. 46/2022. Although there is still a degree of discussion, ECigIntelligence understands the instruction prohibits importing brands of all tobacco products that are also produced in Egypt, as reported by local press. No customs release letters will be issued if an imported product is also produced in Egypt, as it is a measure intended to protect local manufacturers. Only brands that are not produced in Egypt may be imported. In addition, the instruction clarifies that sanctions will be imposed according to Customs Law No. 207/2020 against the shipments that do not comply with the instruction.
28th June 2022 - Africa, Egypt |

Egypt: The Egyptian Consumer Protection Agency (CPA) has extended to October the deadline for manufacturers, importers and distributors of tobacco and its alternatives to print prices on their products using QR codes. A December 2021 resolution originally gave companies until July 2022 to effect the change.

15th June 2022 - Africa, South Africa |

South Africa: The Supreme Court of Appeal has ruled that the regulations banning the sale of tobacco products during the Covid-19 lockdown were invalid and unconstitutional. This comes after the minister of co-operative governance and traditional affairs imposed a series of regulations to contain Covid-19, including a ban on the sale of heated tobacco and e-cigarettes.

19th May 2022 - Africa, South Africa |
South Africa: The South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) has announced the establishment of a National Technical Committee to develop South African National Standards to guide the use of vaping products. The goal is to establish standards that guide the quality of the products and provide consumers with some assurance that the electronic devices and products are safe to use. Vaping products are not regulated in the country and a draft law is currently under discussion.
22nd April 2022 - Africa, South Africa |
South Africa: The National Treasury workshop on taxation of ENDS/ENNDS (electronic nicotine delivery systems/electronic non-nicotine delivery systems) took place today, gathering all comments from January's consultation and allowing industry members to deliberate on the tax proposal. The authority will now consider the comments and present a draft legislation around June/July, when industry members will have the opportunity to provide written comments.
30th March 2022 - Africa, South Africa |

South Africa: The libertarian think think the Free Market Foundation is reportedly concerned that the government’s plans for regulating vaping products will push more people back toward smoking and to buying from the black market. The South African Treasury’s director for economic tax analysis, Chris Axelson, told press that a flat tax rate based on e-liquid volume, regardless of nicotine concentration, had been agreed in principle. He said the Treasury would draft a bill aiming to have a tax in force from 1st January 2023.

25th February 2022 - Africa, South Africa |
South Africa: The Minister of Finance, Enoch Godongwana, said during the Budget Speech 2022 that the government proposes to introduce a new tax on vaping products of at least ZAR2.90 ($0.17) per ml starting 1st January 2023.