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US - California: San Jose’s ban on flavoured tobacco becomes effective today, 1st July, prohibiting the sale of any tobacco products and e-cigarettes with an artificial flavour, natural flavour, aroma, herb or spice, including menthol-flavoured products. The ban exempts shisha, hookah and premium cigars from the restrictions. San Jose is the most populated city in the San Francisco metropolitan area, which means that the ban could affect around 1m people.
US - California: As written in Senate Bill (SB) 395, enacted last year, beginning today, 1st July 2022, “a purchaser shall pay a tax on the purchase for use in this state of an electronic cigarette from a retailer at the rate of 12.5 percent of the sales price of the electronic cigarette”. The bill requires a retailer to collect the tax from the purchaser at the time of the retail sale of an e-cigarette. This tax was aimed at bringing closer tax parity between e-cigarettes and traditional tobacco products and found support from the California State Association of Counties, among others, stating: “The bill will place an additional retail tax on e-cigarette and vaping products to help support safety-net services across early childhood, public health, and health care systems.”
US - California: The Los Angeles City Council voted an overwhelming 12 to 0 to pass an ordinance to prohibit the sale of flavoured tobacco in the city, including all flavours except tobacco – with an exception for shisha tobacco at hookah lounges. The ordinance moves to the mayor’s desk for consideration to be signed into law and would become effective on 1st January 2023. The interim president, Mitch O'Farrell, made a heart-felt speech about tobacco policies after the voting, stating that everyone listening surely had someone who had been affected by tobacco or nicotine. He emphasised that the bill doesn't ban the possession or use of flavoured tobacco for people over 21, as their aim is to protect the youth from such policies.
US - California: The Scotts Valley City Council passed an ordinance on Wednesday 18th May with a favourable vote of 5-0, local media reports. The ordinance would ban the sale of flavoured tobacco products in the city, and also prohibit smoking or vaping in any designated seating areas of restaurants or outdoor eating establishments. We see yet another locality enact a flavour ban, while the referendum at state level to enact the state-wide flavour ban is still pending. Scotts Valley City is within the Santa Cruz county and has a population of around 12,000.
US - California: The San Diego Council passed an ordinance (the SAAFE Act) yesterday, which will ban the sale of all flavoured tobacco products (including menthol) in the city starting 1st January 2023, local media reports. The ordinance does not apply to the sale of shisha, premium cigars or loose-leaf tobacco and unflavoured or tobacco-flavoured e-cigarettes. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved cessation devices will also be exempt from the ban.
US - California: Assembly Bill (AB) 1690 has been ordered to the inactive file, meaning that the bill is ready to be heard on the floor but for some reason is dormant; an author of the bill may move it off the inactive file at a later date. AB 1690 would prohibit a person or entity from selling, giving, or furnishing to another person of any age in this state a cigarette utilising a single-use filter made of any material, a single-use plastic device meant to facilitate manual manipulation or filtration of a cigar, a single-use e-cigarette, or a single-use integrated cannabis vaporiser.
US - California: The El Dorado County Office of Education recently hosted a student training day for the Tobacco-Use Prevention Education (TUPE) Program, which included students from El Dorado, Independence, Union Mine, and Black Oak Mine Unified School District, local media reports. The purpose of the TUPE Program is to reduce youth usage of tobacco products through tobacco-specific educational instruction and activities that build knowledge as well as social skills and youth development assets. Melissa Kistler, director of District and Program Support and TUPE liaison emphasised the fact that the “training is unique because it is the first time we have cross collaboration between school districts in this county”.

California: San Diego City Council voted 7-2 at a special meeting yesterday to approve the SAAFE (Stop Adolescent Addiction to Flavored E-cigarettes) Act, which would prohibit the sale of all flavoured tobacco and e-cigarette products in the city, local media reports. The issue will come before the council again in 30 days.

US - California: On today’s agenda for San Diego City Council was Item 600, the approval of the SAAFE (Stop Adolescent Addiction to Flavored E-cigarettes) Act, which would prohibit the sale of flavoured tobacco products in the city. If passed, the ban will include all flavours but for tobacco from 1st January 2023.

US - California: The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled against RJ Reynolds’ case against Los Angeles County’s flavour ban, which includes menthol cigarettes and other flavoured tobacco products. Reynolds argued that, under the Tobacco Control Act (TCA), states and local jurisdictions could not ban the sale of tobacco products. However, the federal judge said the TCA included a preemption clause with an exception (“requirements relating to the sale, distribution, possession, information reporting to the State, exposure to, access to, the advertising and promotion of, or use of, tobacco products”), a broad preservation of state and local authority which the ban would fit.

US - California: The Monterey County Board of Supervisors passed last Tuesday, 15th March, the ordinance containing a ban on flavoured tobacco products (including e-cigarettes) and single-use electronic cigarettes. “Michelle House, a program coordinator for the county Health Department, said the new regulation will be posted for 30 days before it officially becomes a Monterey County ordinance,” local media reports. Retailers thus have 30 days to sell their stock until the ban becomes effective. This ban comes just two weeks after the Santa Ana City Council also approved an ordinance to end the sale of flavoured tobacco products, which is set to take effect on 14th April. Santa Ana mayor Vicente Sarmiento said that would be sufficient notice for retailers.
US - California: At its latest meeting, the Monterey County Board of Supervisors approved the first reading of an ordinance to ban sales of single-use e-cigarettes and flavoured tobacco products of any flavour other than tobacco. The ban would include all products containing tobacco leaves and any product containing nicotine. The second vote is set for 15th March.

California: An ordinance has been approved in the city of Antioch in Contra Costa County to prohibit characterising flavours in tobacco products, impose packaging restrictions on cigarettes and cigars, and ban the sale of e-cigarettes for use with tobacco or tobacco products, local press reports. At the meeting which took the decision, councilmember Mike Barbanica expressed strong opposition, saying: “We have a city that allows cannabis sales...but you cannot buy some bubblegum vaping pen”. Another councilmember put a motion to waive the first reading and read by title only, which passed 3-2.