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26th August 2022 - Chile, South America |
Chile: On 30th August, the Health Committee of the Chamber of Deputies is set to discuss Bill 12694-11, which was introduced in the legislative process in June 2019 to establish a comprehensive regulatory framework for both nicotine-containing and nicotine-free vaping products. As we previously reported, the bill – which has Gabriel Boric's signature, Chile's president since March of this year – was scheduled to be discussed in the same Committee in previous meetings, which all failed to take place.
17th August 2022 - Chile, South America |

Chile: Bill 12694-11 to establish a comprehensive regulatory framework for vaping products, with and without nicotine, has recently been on the agenda of the Chamber of Deputies Health Committee, having been in the legislative process since June 2019. Though scheduled debates on 2nd, 9th and 16th August failed to take place, the mere fact of the bill’s first appearance on the agenda may suggest a willingness to start pushing it forward. One of the signatories to the bill, Gabriel Boric, became Chile’s president in March.

14th April 2022 - Chile, South America |

Chile: The Public Health Institute (ISP) has warned against the use of e-cigarettes, with a reminder that those containing nicotine are illegal in Chile as the ISP has not granted the required pharmaceutical status to any such product. The institute also says nicotine-free vaping products pose multiple health risks.