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30th September 2022 - Asia, China |
China: On 1st October, the e-cigarette standard will enter into effect. Today, the tobacco administration published several documents regulating retroactive QR code labels and further clarifying the rules for foreign production companiesexpansion of e-cigarette production capacities, and production licensing. Please note that access to official Chinese websites is not available outside of China.
29th September 2022 - Asia, China |

China: Ahead of the implementation on Saturday, 1st October, of the new national standard for e-cigarette products, the tobacco administration has published a notice reiterating that e-cigarettes intended for export must comply with the regulations of the destination country or region. If the destination country does not have relevant laws, the products must comply with Chinese rules. E-cigarette manufacturers with a tobacco monopoly manufacturer's licence who are engaging in exports should make export filings through the electronic cigarette trading management platform. The administration will accept objections from existing e-cigarette manufacturers from 8th to 31st October.

31st August 2022 - Asia, China |

China (Macau): The Macau Legislative Assembly has unanimously approved a government amendment to the New Tobacco Control Law, which prohibits the manufacture, import, export, distribution and transport of e-cigarettes. Until now, e-cig sales have been forbidden in the special administrative region, while limited imports for personal use were allowed.

15th June 2022 - Asia, China |

China: The national Unified e-cigarette trading platform was launched today. As explained in our report on Chinese regulation, the platform will hold information on licensed operators and all products sold domestically, as well as those intended for export after they are reviewed by the tobacco administration.

9th June 2022 - Asia, China |
China (Macau): Today, the Legislative Council of Macau supported the government amendment to the New Tobacco Control Law, which prohibits the manufacture, import and export of electronic cigarettes. Until now, sales have been forbidden, while limited imports for personal use have been allowed.
3rd June 2022 - Asia, China |
China: Today, 3rd June, the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration published a Q&A about the implementation of the new rules. It states that the licensing of different operators in the vaping sector is going smoothly and that the national platform for e-cigarette management will be launched on 15th June. It reiterated that e-cigarettes with flavours other than tobacco won't pass a technical review and that the relevant state departments are advancing in their research of possible vaping tax policies.
30th May 2022 - Asia, China |
China: On 27th May, the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration and the General Office of the State Administration for Market Regulation issued the Notice on Regulating the Inspection and Testing of Electronic Cigarettes, media reports. The document regulates that the labs undertaking e-cigarette testing must have certification for inspection and testing institutions. The accreditation is organised and implemented by the State Administration for Market Regulation and the market supervision department in the province/city.
26th May 2022 - Asia, China |
China: The Tobacco Monopoly Bureau in Tianjin, one of the largest cities in China, has banned e-cigarette sales in places that are likely to attract minors, including, but not limited to children’s stores, toy stores, playgrounds, child-care institutions, social welfare institutions, museums, galleries, public sports venues, off-campus training institutions, etc. Moreover, e-cigarettes may not be sold in shops that are not directly or indirectly related to these products, including, but not limited to stores selling electronics, medical and beauty products, clothing, jewellery, instruments, building materials, pet products, etc.
2nd May 2022 - Asia, China |
China: The Administrative Measures for Electronic Cigarettes – which requires licensing of retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers, and imposes a flavour ban on all flavours other than tobacco – entered into force on 1st May 2022.
12th April 2022 - Asia, China |

China: The State Administration for Market Regulation and the National Standardisation Administration today published the approved mandatory national standard on e-cigarettes, which will be implemented from 1st October. Along the lines of the EU Tobacco Products Directive (TPD), the standard will impose a nicotine cap of 20 mg and limit the size of refills to 20 ml.

14th March 2022 - Asia, China |
China: The electronic cigarette standard has been changed following consultation throughout December 2021 and January 2022, as announced by the standardisation authority. A new draft is now open for comments. Per our report, the e-cigarette standard will regulate product restrictions, test methods, packaging, labelling, storage, and transportation of electronic cigarettes.
14th March 2022 - Asia, China |
China: The proposed Administrative Measures for Electronic Cigarettes released in December 2021 are now confirmed and will start applying on 1st May 2022. The regulation stipulates a ban on e-liquid flavours except tobacco flavour. In addition, manufacturers of e-cigs, atomisers, and  nicotine, as well as wholesale and retail operators must obtain tobacco monopoly licences and conduct transactions through the national e-cigarette management platform.
28th February 2022 - Asia, China |
China: Following the central government’s announcement on ending e-cigarette sales to minors, a market supervision authority in Tianjin, a northeastern city with 13.8m residents, has increased the oversight of the ban on e-cigarette sales to minors, media reports. The authority will cover both traditional and online retail channels and block access to the latter.
17th February 2022 - Asia, China |

China: The market administration of Changsha, a city of 8m people in Hunan province, has issued a notice alerting the public to last November’s national legislative changes. Tobacco operators and advertising agencies are reminded that it is illegal to advertise e-cigarettes online, in mass media, newspapers, radio or television. The notice says: “Advertisements promoting product names, trademarks, packaging, branding and similar features of electronic cigarettes must be immediately removed.”