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1st July 2022 - Denmark, Europe |
Denmark: Starting today (1st July), a tax on nicotine-containing e-liquids applies as set out in the Act 2616/2021. E-liquids with nicotine content of up to 12 mg/ml will be taxed at DKK1.5 (€0.20) per ml, while those with nicotine above 12 mg/ml will be taxed at DKK2.5 (€0.34) per ml.
16th June 2022 - Denmark, Europe |

Denmark: A possible ban on nicotine products is among the topics for discussion today at the Folkemødet (People’s meeting), an open forum for political parties to engage with the public. The discussion, led by the Danish Cancer Society, will feature MP Per Larsen of the opposition Conservative People’s Party. In April, health minister Magnus Heunicke said it would not be possible to implement a proposed ban on access to tobacco and nicotine for those born in or after 2010 due to the terms of the EU Tobacco Products Directive (TPD).

31st May 2022 - Denmark, Europe |
Denmark: Today, the Danish Safety Technology Authority (DSTA) called on retailers to ensure they follow the rules when selling e-cigarettes. In 2022, the authority reported 33 retailers to the police for non-compliance with the registration and retail requirements. The number of violations is much higher than last year. "We perform both physical and online inspections, as a large part of the trade in e-cigarettes takes place online. It is of course the same for all dealers that they must live up to the requirements for registration, both of companies and of products," says Søren Assenholt Muff from the DSTA.
16th March 2022 - Denmark, Europe |

Denmark: Health minister Magnus Heunicke announced yesterday, 15th March, that the government plans to ban access to tobacco and nicotine products to anyone born in or after 2010. This is part of the new government’s health reform plan to “Make Denmark Healthier”, which aims to tackle health inequalities.

2nd March 2022 - Denmark, Europe |
Denmark: Yesterday, the health ministry announced that Nicoventures and Danish tobacco company House of Prince are suing the government for having adopted “illegal” regulations. Health minister Magnus Heunicke said: “I can state that the international tobacco industry has chosen to sue the Ministry of Health in continuation of the implementation of the National Action Plan to stop and prevent children and young people’s smoking and nicotine addiction.” No further details have been disclosed.