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26th May 2022 - Europe, Georgia |
Georgia: Solomon Pavliashvili, the deputy minister of environment and agriculture, has held a large-scale meeting with manufacturers and importers of batteries and electronic equipment, discussing the deadline for the implementation of technical government regulations adopted on 25th May 2020, on waste management of electrical and electronic equipment and waste management of batteries and accumulators, which is to be 1st June this year, media reports. We believe these regulations may potentially influence the heated tobacco and e-cigarette devices sectors.
6th May 2022 - Europe, Georgia |
Georgia: Before 1st September 2022, the parliament is planning to amend the Law on Tobacco Control. It intends to introduce health warnings on packs and notification requirements for tobacco products, media reports. As nicotine-containing e-cigarette products and heated tobacco products fall under the definition of tobacco products in Georgia, we believe that such requirements would be applicable to them.