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Hawaii: House Bill (HB) 1570 passed the Senate and was sent to the governor on 4th May. A notice of intent to veto by the governor was issued yesterday, 27th June. The version as it currently stands would ban the sale of flavoured tobacco products and would also make it unlawful to mislabel as nicotine-free any e-liquid product that contains nicotine. The first versions of the bill explicitly banned the sale of flavoured synthetic nicotine products, but the current version, after amendments, does not contain such a ban.

US - Hawaii: House Bill 1570 passed its final reading yesterday on a 36-15 vote. The bill to ban the sale of all flavoured tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, combustible menthol cigarettes and flavoured cigars, has now been passed by both chambers of the Legislature and requires only the signature of governor David Ige to become law.

US - Hawaii: Many bills are currently sitting in the legislative process that would ban flavoured tobacco products. Among them, House Bill 1570 has passed both the House and the Senate, but the House seems to disagree with some amendments and so it may still take a while. The ban of flavoured tobacco products is a current political debate: representatives supporting the bill state they are only banning flavours and not vaping, whereas shop owners state that flavours are 99.9% of the business.
US - HawaiiHouse Bill 1570 will be included in the public consultation that both the Senate Committee on Ways and Means and the Senate Committee on Commerce and Consumer Protection will hold tomorrow. This bill would ban (1) the sale of flavoured tobacco products and (2) mislabelling as nicotine-free any e-liquid product that contains nicotine.

US – Hawaii: A new batch of bills have recently been introduced in Hawaii, all of them shown in our US regulatory tracker. One of those bills, House Bill 1570, which would ban the sale of flavoured tobacco or synthetic nicotine products, has raised some concerns. Some representatives reportedly described some of the amendments made by the House Health, Human Services and Homelessness Committee as “poison pills”, which would jeopardise the bill’s passing. It was originally supported by the state attorney general and the Hawaii Department of Health (DOH), but has lost their support following the amendments. The lack of support by the enforcement agencies may end up in a veto by the governor, should the bill pass as it now stands. Among the amendments added, one requires the health department to implement a standardised testing process to detect flavours; advocates say this is not found in other jurisdictions and is not necessary, while the DOH found it unreasonable.