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23rd June 2022 - Europe, Ireland |

Ireland: Senators have urged stricter regulation of e-cigarettes, press reports. In discussions on the Nicotine Inhaling Products Bill, senator Diarmuid Wilson of the Fianna Fáil party said: “We must try to strike a balance between the potential benefits of e-cigarettes for adult smokers trying to quit and the risks that more non-smokers, particularly children and especially young children, will start vaping.” Senator Micheál Carrigy of Fine Gael called for further retail restrictions, including a retail licensing system.

20th May 2022 - Europe, Ireland |
Ireland: The Health Service Executive (HSE) has issued an alert against certain disposable products. The alert recalls disposable e-cigarettes from the Aroma King brand that are non-compliant with EU tobacco legislation. The list of the products recalled can be found on the HSE's website. The products were found to contain more than the permitted amount of nicotine (20 mg/ml or 2%).
1st March 2022 - Europe, Ireland |
Ireland: Today, the Joint Committee on Health discussed the Tobacco and Nicotine Inhaling Bill with the industry members. The trade organisation Vape Business Ireland (VBI), whose representatives attended the meeting, stated that the credible evidence supporting vaping as a less harmful alternative to smoking must not be ignored and highlighted the importance of flavours in smoking cessation. Said a VBI spokesperson: “While it is essential that we do everything we can to prevent youth access to vaping products, we must also ensure that we find a balance in protecting the 200,000 vapers right across Ireland from relapsing.”
17th February 2022 - Europe, Ireland |

Ireland: The Oireachtas (parliament) Health Committee is continuing its scrutiny of the Tobacco and Nicotine Inhaling Products Bill by hearing the concerns of stakeholders, press reports. This week the Irish Vape Vendors Association (UVVA) stressed to the committee the role of vaping products in smoking cessation and criticised the threat of a flavour ban, which some medical societies have said should be included in the bill.