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24th October 2022 - North America, Oregon, United States |
US - Oregon: The Multnomah County Public Health Division has recommended that a ban on flavoured tobacco and nicotine products be passed in the county, local news report. The aim behind it is to reduce youth access to these products. Multnomah County has a population of around 815,000, making it the state's most populous county.

US - Oregon: Portland Public Schools district is suing Juul, accusing the e-cigarette maker of intentionally targeting youth, enticing them with kid-friendly flavours, and employing deceitful advertising practices, local media reports. “PPS is committed to the health and well-being of our students,” the district said. “We’re proud to demonstrate this commitment by becoming the first school district in Oregon to join the Juul lawsuit. The defendants’ predatory practices have victimized students our students and we have a responsibility to hold them accountable for the harm they have caused our community.”

29th September 2022 - North America, Oregon, United States |

US - Portland Oregon metropolitan area: Washington County’s Ordinance 878  which passed last November, has been on hold since January, was ratified by voters in May, but kept on hold by a preliminary injunction in July has now been struck down by a circuit court judge, who decided the county had no authority to enact a local ban on the sale of flavoured tobacco products. The county has issued a statement disagreeing with the ruling and saying it will consider options for an appeal.