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1st June 2022 - Paraguay, South America |
Paraguay: The director of the ministry of health’s National Program for the Control of Smoking and Chronic Respiratory Diseases urged the legislature yesterday, 31st May, for the enactment of a law that regulates the sales and usage of vaping products, press reports. The director alerted on widespread usage among teenagers and the large availability of these products, despite the ban to sell them to under-18s and their sale being allowed exclusively in retail points authorised by the National Health Surveillance Authority (DINAVISA).
22nd March 2022 - Paraguay, South America |

Paraguay: The government is currently discussing with the Senate the immediate enactment of a bill that would increase the tax on e-liquids from 20% (in force since February) to 22%, press reports. The tax rise is in response to the government’s plan to subsidise oil in order to keep its price stable.