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8th November 2022 - Europe, Poland |

Poland: A bill to amend the Excise Duty Act has been introduced, aimed at amending the definition of e-liquids to guarantee that all those on the market are taxed. This is in response to some retailers selling e-liquids as air fresheners in order to avoid excise duty. E-liquids are taxed in Poland whether or not they contain nicotine.

25th February 2022 - Europe, Poland |
Poland: On 2nd March 2022, the Senate health committee will debate the bill that intends to introduce the cultivation and collection of non-industrial hemp, press reports. According to the bill, the cultivation of medical cannabis will be allowed, but only if conducted by research institutes dependent on the Ministry of Agriculture. The bill was approved on 8th February by the Sejm (Polish lower house) and is currently pending parliamentary approval prior to being signed by the president.