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25th November 2022 - Europe, Portugal |
Portugal: Today, the government approved the State Budget 2023 with amendments, media reports. The Budget included a proposal to increase the e-liquid tax from €0.323 to €0.336 per ml. The final text has not yet been released.
11th October 2022 - Europe, Portugal |

Portugal: The government has presented its Budget for 2023, which includes a proposal to increase the e-liquid tax from €0.323 to €0.336 per ml. The Budget is yet to be discussed in parliament, with a final vote scheduled for 25th November.

4th July 2022 - Europe, Portugal |

Portugal: The Directorate-General for Health has launched its 2030 National Strategy for the Fight against Cancer. Among measures proposed are an increase in e-cigarette and tobacco product prices, regulation of ingredients and packaging, and raising the minimum legal purchase age. The document is under public consultation until 29th July.

1st July 2022 - Europe, Portugal |
Portugal: The State Budget 2022, which increases nicotine e-liquid taxes from €0.32/ml to €0.323/ml, entered into force on 28th June.
2nd June 2022 - Europe, Portugal |
Portugal: Ordinance 154/2022, published today (2nd June), set new rules for smoking rooms. Only restaurants, bars, nightclubs and other establishments that occupy at least 100 sq m and have a ceiling height of at least 3 m will be allowed to have smoking areas. The spaces must not exceed 20% of the area dedicated to customers. The requirements include the use of vaping and heated tobacco. The ordinance comes into force on 1st January 2023.
27th May 2022 - Europe, Portugal |
Portugal: Parliament has voted positively on the new State Budget 2022, which increases nicotine e-liquid taxes from €0.32/ml to €0.323/ml.
13th April 2022 - Europe, Portugal |

Portugal: Following the rejection by Parliament of the first State Budget, prime minister António Costa’s new government today presented a new Budget, with a proposed 1% increase in tax on nicotine e-liquids, from from €0.32 to €0.323 per ml still intact. Parliament still needs to approve the new budget, which is expected to happen by the end of May.