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UK - Scotland: Several organisations – ASH Scotland, the Marine Conservation Society, Zero Waste Scotland, Scottish Water, and Keep Scotland Beautiful – have raised the issue of the environmental (polluting) impact of vaping and smoking, press reports. For World No Tobacco Day, which was yesterday (31st May), the organisations urged Scots to properly dispose of cigarettes, vaping paraphernalia and packaging after use. Sheila Duffy from ASH Scotland said: “We are also increasingly concerned about the noticeable escalation of littering and pollution risks caused by discarded single-use disposable vaping products that contain single-use plastics as well as toxic chemicals and battery components.”
29th April 2022 - Europe, Scotland, United Kingdom |
UK (Scotland): The government consultation about restricting the advertising of e-cigarettes closed yesterday. The consultation revolved around imposing a ban on advertising on billboards and bus shelters, free-sampling, sponsorship and brand sharing – where the logos and/or colours of a particular product are used on an unrelated product for promotional purposes.
22nd February 2022 - Europe, Scotland, United Kingdom |

UK (Scotland): Trading Standards officers found a wide range of non-compliant single-use or disposable vaping devices on sale in Scotland between October and December 2021, the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) reports. Following inspections, a total of 88,839 disposable devices were removed from sale as they were either not labelled correctly, did not contain sufficient classification, labelling and packaging (CLP) regulation information or had not been published by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). Another 3,683 devices were seized as they had a capacity of over the legal limit of 2 ml.