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21st July 2022 - Europe, Switzerland |

Switzerland: In a joint campaign with five other cantons, the Basel cantonal laboratory examined e-liquids for their nicotine content, prohibited ingredients and health warnings. After it was found that two thirds of the samples were not legally compliant, 44% were subjected to a sales ban for failings such as the nicotine content not being declared in the official language or chemicals being incorrectly classified. According to the health department, the high rate of non-compliance demonstrates that manufacturers and importers are not aware that the products come under the Federal Food Safety Act and the Chemicals Ordinance.

13th June 2022 - Europe, Switzerland |

Switzerland: The Federal Office of Public Health has announced a smoking and vaping prevention campaign aimed at childen and young people under the title “Free. Fair. Futures”.

30th March 2022 - Europe, Switzerland |

Switzerland: Stakeholders have until tomorrow to comment on the Federal Council consultation on a partial revision of the Tobacco Tax Act, which would set a tax on e-liquids 77% lower than that on combustible cigarettes. The Federal Department of Finance told ECigIntelligence it would revise the preliminary draft based on the results of the consultation. The draft will then be discussed in Parliament. The changes are not expected to come into force before mid/late 2023.

16th March 2022 - Europe, Switzerland |

Switzerland: Answering a Federal Council consultation on possible e-cigarette taxation, the Swiss Tobacco Prevention Working Group has demanded that the tax should apply not only to e-cigarettes, but to all tobacco and nicotine products, based on nicotine content. They say products that are already taxed, such as heated and oral tobacco, should face an increase. The consultation is open until 31st March.