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15th November 2022 - Asia, Thailand |

Thailand: The Department of Disease Control has issued a warning against vaping, especially by young people. It said most products on the market made misleading claims about the health impacts of vaping, which attracts people to e-cigarettes, even though they are banned in Thailand. “The use of electronic cigarettes may result in disease and health hazards, especially severe pneumonia,” the announcement states.

25th July 2022 - Asia, Thailand |

Thailand: Cannabis-based e-liquids will not be exempt from the ban on the import and sale of vaping products. The National Tobacco Products Control Committee has made clear that both e-cigarettes and traditional cigarettes with cannabis are banned, press reports.

3rd May 2022 - Asia, Thailand |

Thailand: Digital economy and society minister Chaiwut Thanakamanusorn has submitted a petition to the National Tobacco Products Control Committee calling on it to legalise e-cigarettes, press reports. Chaiwut said e-cigarettes are a safer alternative to traditional tobacco and should be regulated as cigarettes. He also highlighted that legalising them would bring in added tax revenue.

25th April 2022 - Asia, Thailand |

Thailand: Health minister and deputy prime minister Anutin Charnvirakul has told the Thai Health Promotion Foundation that he will not support the legalisation of e-cigarettes, press reports. The minister has established a tobacco control panel under the Department of Disease Control to review the current regulations, in the belief that e-cigs have become popular with young people in Thailand.

29th March 2022 - Asia, Thailand |
Thailand: The National Tobacco Products Control Commission has decided that the current ban on the import and sale of e-cigarettes will not be lifted, saying this is in order to protect the lives of Thai people. According to the authority’s statement, the National Statistical Office’s 2021 Tobacco Consumption Survey found that 78,742 people over the age of 15 vape. The survey broke that down to show that there are 71,486 male vapers and 7,256 female vapers, most of whom live in Bangkok.
16th February 2022 - Asia, Thailand |

Thailand: The government has approved a draft National Tobacco Control Plan for 2022-2027. Despite recent advocacy efforts towards legalising e-cigarettes and novel tobacco products, no such move is foreseen in the the plan. In January the Digital Economy and Society Ministry reportedly established a working group tasked with exploring possible legalisation of e-cigarettes.