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25th July 2022 - Asia, United Arab Emirates |

United Arab Emirates: The Public Prosecution authority has published a warning on Instagram that the sale, distribution and promotion of tobacco products to under-18s is prohibited. Under the Electronic Nicotine Products standard, e-cigarettes are treated like traditional tobacco, so selling them to minors can lead to at least three months’ jail and a fine of no less than AED15,000 ($4,000) under Federal Law No. 03/2016 on child rights and Federal Law No. 15/2009 on tobacco control.

22nd July 2022 - Asia, United Arab Emirates |
United Arab Emirates: The UAE Federal Tax Authority has issued a press release stressing its commitment to enforcing the Digital Tax Stamp (DTS) on tobacco products. The authority explained that control efforts resulted in the seizure and confiscation of nearly 5.5m units of tobacco products that did not conform to specifications, and assured that it will increase efforts to control the markets and ensure the correct implementation of the excise tax. It’s worth noting that e-cigarettes should also bear the DTS.
2nd June 2022 - Asia, United Arab Emirates |
United Arab Emirates: The Ministry of Health confirmed yesterday, 1st June, the application of Law 15/2009 on Tobacco Control and its executive regulations on e-cigarettes, as previously noted in our latest regulatory report. The ministry further stressed the prohibition to vape in offices and closed public spaces, and said that it is working, in cooperation with the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, to crack down on websites that promote and sell e-cigarettes to under-18s.