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28th June 2022 - Europe, United Kingdom |
UK: Asked whether the health department is planning to recommend vaping as a substitute for smoking in the upcoming policy papers, Maggie Throup, junior health secretary, reaffirmed that the aim is to maximise the opportunities for smokers to switch to vaping whilst preventing non-smokers and young people from starting to vape.
22nd June 2022 - Europe, United Kingdom |

UK: The Intellectual Property Office (IPO) has reported that IP infringement related to e-cigarette products was reported by more than 30% of local Trading Standards Authorities in 2021-2022, far more than in previous years. “This indicates that the market for counterfeit vaping products has transformed during the last four years from a relatively small scale, niche, area of criminal activity into a more significant one,” the IPO said.

13th June 2022 - Europe, United Kingdom |

UK: E-cigarette retailer VPZ has initiated a petition calling on the British government to impose an outright ban on the sale of cigarettes and smoking, and to develop a strategy to help more people switch to vaping. An identical petition has also been submitted in Scotland.

9th June 2022 - England, Europe, United Kingdom |
UK: Today, the Independent review into smoke-free 2030 policies led by Javed Khan was published. The document lays out proposals for England to achieve a smoking rate of 5% by 2030. The report calls for making e-cigarettes more accessible to those who want to stop smoking, decreasing the VAT rate comparable to those for nicotine products, and addressing the high cost of licensing vape products with the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). It also states that there is a need to strike a balance between allowing the retailers to promote vaping for smoking cessation and giving free samples to school children.
8th June 2022 - Europe, United Kingdom |
UK: At today's meeting of the Environment and Climate Change Committee, the state secretary for environment, food and rural affairs – George Eustice – said that vaping helped people in smoking cessation when discussing consumers' changes in behaviour.
1st June 2022 - Europe, United Kingdom |
UK - Guernsey: Guernsey’s health commission is calling for increased control of e-cigarette sales aligning the local framework with the UK one, press reports. Grace Lindsay, Guernsey’s tobacco harm reduction officer, pointed out that they have no control over the products sold on the island. “If we don’t have regulations in place, it means we have no way of knowing what products are in what is being sold,” she said.
UK - Scotland: Several organisations – ASH Scotland, the Marine Conservation Society, Zero Waste Scotland, Scottish Water, and Keep Scotland Beautiful – have raised the issue of the environmental (polluting) impact of vaping and smoking, press reports. For World No Tobacco Day, which was yesterday (31st May), the organisations urged Scots to properly dispose of cigarettes, vaping paraphernalia and packaging after use. Sheila Duffy from ASH Scotland said: “We are also increasingly concerned about the noticeable escalation of littering and pollution risks caused by discarded single-use disposable vaping products that contain single-use plastics as well as toxic chemicals and battery components.”
26th May 2022 - Europe, United Kingdom |

UK: Javed Khan, who has been tasked by the government to to head an independent review into tobacco control, has tweeted that the presentation of the review to the government, originally scheduled for yesterday, 25th May, has been postponed until June.

17th May 2022 - Europe, United Kingdom |
UK: The UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA) has called for more control over e-cigarette sales in order to clamp down on selling to under-age consumers. According to UKVIA, retail licences should be required, a fine for selling to under-18s raised to £10,000, and enforcement increased. The call comes following reports of under-age sales of disposable vape products in Scotland.
12th May 2022 - Europe, United Kingdom |
UK: Javed Khan, who has been tasked by the government to head an independent tobacco review, stated that he will present his recommendations to the government on 25th May 2022 at 3pm.
29th April 2022 - Europe, Scotland, United Kingdom |
UK (Scotland): The government consultation about restricting the advertising of e-cigarettes closed yesterday. The consultation revolved around imposing a ban on advertising on billboards and bus shelters, free-sampling, sponsorship and brand sharing – where the logos and/or colours of a particular product are used on an unrelated product for promotional purposes.
27th April 2022 - Europe, United Kingdom |
UK: Yesterday, 26th April 2022, a Westminster Hall debate on the progress of the government's Smokefree 2030 ambition took place. The MPs expressed concern about vaping among young people, but also raised the importance of providing information to smokers about its reduced harm compared with traditional tobacco. Maggie Throup, junior health secretary, said: "It remains the Government’s goal to maximise the public health opportunities presented by vapes while ensuring that such products are not appealing to young people and non-smokers."
26th April 2022 - Europe, United Kingdom |

UK: In response to a parliamentary question, junior environment minister Jo Churchill said no specific assessment had been made of the number of vape pens that go to landfill. She reiterated that the government plans to consult on reforms to the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations later this year.

25th April 2022 - Europe, United Kingdom |

UK: A Westminster Hall debate will be held tomorrow, 26th April, on the progress towards the government’s smokefree 2030 ambition.

20th April 2022 - Europe, United Kingdom |

UK: Health secretary Sajid Javid has told Parliament that the independent review of tobacco control, headed by Javed Khan, should be published in May.

12th April 2022 - Europe, United Kingdom |

UK: Westminster City Council and the Metropolitan Police have seized 4,500 disposables with excessive nicotine levels and 420 counterfeit e-cigarettes from a souvenir shop in London’s Oxford Street, press reports.

8th April 2022 - Europe, United Kingdom |
UK: The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has said that while there has been much interest from companies that wish to achieve regulatory approval, no new licence applications for e-cigarettes have been submitted, media reports. In October, the authority announced its intention to encourage the licensing of e-cigarettes as medicines and to support companies to submit marketing authorisation applications. E-cigarettes regulated as medicines may contain higher nicotine levels (more than 20 mg/ml) and e-liquid volume (more than 2 ml for single-use cartridges/disposables, and more than 10 ml for refills).
8th April 2022 - Europe, United Kingdom |
UK: A plastic packaging tax that applies, among other things, to plastic protective film around a box, has entered into effect. A tax rate of £200 per metric tonne applies to plastic packaging that is manufactured or imported and does not contain at least 30% recycled plastic.
30th March 2022 - Europe, United Kingdom |

UK: Junior health minister Maggie Throup told MPs during a debate on “Smoke-free England” that the government’s tobacco control plan would be published later this year. She added: “The new plan will set out a comprehensive package of new policy proposals and regulatory change.”

28th March 2022 - Europe, United Kingdom |

UK: The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) has published its eagerly awaited Post-Implementation Review of Tobacco Legislation. It says the government will consider changes to the Tobacco and Related Product Regulations as part of its plans towards meeting its Smokefree 2030 ambition, but recommends, on the basis of the evidence reviewed, that the current regulations should remain in force. The consultation responses on one side suggested amendments to e-cigarette packaging to promote them as less harmful than smoking, along with increases in allowed e-liquid bottle and tank sizes, and nicotine strength. On the other side, some respondents wanted stronger packaging designs and colours to deter youth use. The new Tobacco Control Plan is yet to be published, but following this no major changes to the vaping framework can be expected.

25th March 2022 - England, Europe, United Kingdom |
UK: Trading Standards Sandwell have seized more than 1,600 illegal disposable vapes from two shops. Non-compliant products exceeded the maximum  volume of 2 ml and instead contained between 4.5 ml and 9 ml of e-liquid. The Sandwell Council warned: “Look out for products that don’t meet legal requirements such as Vapeman, who have not been authorised for sale in the UK. Retailers should remove these products from sale and return them to the supplier.”
24th March 2022 - Europe, United Kingdom |

UK: Lancashire County Council reported yesterday that Trading Standards had carried out inspections of vape shops in response to a huge increase in the number of complaints relating to under-age sales. One shop owner was fined £166 by a court and ordered to pay £275 in costs after two volunteers, aged 15 and 16, were able to make successful test purchases. The shop assistant who sold the products was also fined. Similar actions have been carried out recently in other parts of the country.

23rd March 2022 - Europe, United Kingdom |

UK: Conservative MP Bob Blackman today called on the government to raise the purchasing age for tobacco products from 18 to 21 and introduce a “polluter pays” levy on Big Tobacco in order to achieve the smoke-free 2030 targets and to raise funds for smoking cessation services. Prime minister Boris Johnson agreed that smoking was a number one cause of preventable deaths and said that Javed Khan, who is currently reviewing tobacco policy, would take Blackman’s proposals into account.

18th March 2022 - Europe, United Kingdom |
UK: David Jones, Conservative MP from Clwyd West in Wales, asked the health secretary what steps the department is taking to help ensure small convenience stores adhere to age-verification standards for the sale of e-cigarettes and what assessments have been made of the effectiveness of the enforcement measures. Maggie Throup, Conservative parliamentary under-secretary for health, said that the government provides funding to local authorities who allocate them to local service, including for combating the under-age sale of e-cigarettes. She pointed out that the department also commissioned the Chartered Trading Standards Institute to publish annual tobacco control surveys on trading standards activities. Throup said: “We believe that the current enforcement measures are proportionate. However, we will continue to monitor the evidence regarding under-age or illegal sales.”
18th March 2022 - Europe, United Kingdom |
UK: Trading standards for Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole (BCP) has announced results of inspections of under-age sales of e-cigarettes, revealing that more than half of the shops visited by trading standards are illegally selling vaping products to minors. Two 14-year-old volunteers were sold disposable vape in three out of five premises across BCP without being asked for any proof of age during the undercover operation in February. Officers also found that none of the e-cigarettes sold to the children complied with the legal requirements, and one of the products is suspected to be counterfeit.
9th March 2022 - Europe, United Kingdom |
UK: The Local Government Association (LGA), which represents councils in England and Wales, has called on the government to lower the VAT on e-cigarettes from 20% to 5%, bringing it in line with sales on nicotine gum and patches in order to help people stop smoking. The revenue generated could be targeted in geographical areas, occupational groups, and communities where cessation services are most needed.
2nd March 2022 - England, Europe, United Kingdom |
UK: The West Northamptonshire Council trading standards department has inspected five shops following complaints of underage (under-18s) sales. Three of the shops asked for identification when the customer attempted to buy e-cigarettes and cigarettes, while the other two face under further investigation, press reports.
28th February 2022 - Europe, United Kingdom |
UK: Maggie Throup, parliamentary undersecretary for health, said that there are no current plans to review smoke-free legislation to include vaping. “The provision of separate vaping areas is a matter for individual organisations,” added Throup.
22nd February 2022 - Europe, Scotland, United Kingdom |

UK (Scotland): Trading Standards officers found a wide range of non-compliant single-use or disposable vaping devices on sale in Scotland between October and December 2021, the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) reports. Following inspections, a total of 88,839 disposable devices were removed from sale as they were either not labelled correctly, did not contain sufficient classification, labelling and packaging (CLP) regulation information or had not been published by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). Another 3,683 devices were seized as they had a capacity of over the legal limit of 2 ml.