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27th July 2022 - Asia, Vietnam |

Vietnam: During a symposium yesterday on new tobacco products, the Ministry of Health objected to a proposal put forward by the Ministry of Industry and Trade for a two-year pilot programme for trade in e-cigarettes and heated tobacco, press reports. Tran Thi Trang, deputy director of the health ministry’s legal department, said the pilot proposal came purely from a business perspective and has not been thoroughly studied from the point of view of public health.

29th June 2022 - Asia, Vietnam |

Vietnam: Luu Binh Pyong, a member of the one-party National Assembly, has criticised the loose management of novel tobacco products and spoken out against a ban, press reports. Other members of the Assembly have also supported the creation of a legal framework. Heated tobacco is forbidden in Vietnam while e-cigarettes are unregulated.

7th March 2022 - Asia, Vietnam |
Vietnam: Answering the request of the Ministry of Finance to evaluate the current tax policies, the Vietnam Federation of Trade and Industry suggested adding new-generation tobacco products to the Value-Added Tax bill. E-cigarettes are currently not regulated in the country.