Past, present and future of disposable e-cigarettes

An analysis of the growth, innovation, and trends of the disposable e-cigarette market

After an initial growth in the United States following regulatory changes, these products have flooded markets around the world. This webinar allows the viewer to understand the context which led to disposables flourishing, the growth rate of these products across several leading markets, how these products have evolved over time, and what the future may look like for them.

Attendees will learn:

  • • How regulation from the FDA paved the way for disposable e-cigarettes to rise in the US following stringent restrictions on pre-filled pods
    • What drives consumers to buy disposable e-cigarettes
    • How products have evolved in terms of pricing, tank capacity, rechargeability and shape
    • Differences between TPD and non-TPD markets
    • Current trends in the market.

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    Lucas Tremlett

    Market analyst

    Lucas analyses trends and usage patterns in vaping markets around the world, using a data-driven and analytical approach

    Disposables currently account for nearly 40% of the global market