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US FDA reverses ban on Juul products, opening door to possible authorisation

US FDA reverses ban on Juul products, opening door to possible authorisation

What could EU elections mean for the tobacco industry? Analysis of over 100 parties’ views on novel products

What could EU elections mean for the tobacco industry? Analysis of over 100 parties’ views on novel products

Science-based or science fiction? Can WHO stop kids from getting hooked?

Science-based or science fiction? Can WHO stop kids from getting hooked?

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EU environmental tracker, June 2024

EU environmental tracker, June 2024

Global regulatory tracker: current regulation of e-cigs, June 2024

Global regulatory tracker: current regulation of e-cigs, June 2024

Flavour tracker

Flavour tracker

Who is ECigIntelligence’s service for?

Our platform is the leading intelligence provider for anyone involved professionally in the e-cigarette sector.

Manufacturers, retailers, regulators and governments, the supply chain, and trade bodies can benefit from essential information in the vaping industry worldwide.

  • ECigIntelligence provides us with useful external independent insight into our sector through their market reports and research. The industry is so fragmented in its make up that it requires a dedicated market intelligence provider who has an understanding of the workings of the industry and can focus their proprietary research into the right areas.

    Ben Williamson, Finance & Commercial Director, ‎Totally Wicked Group
    Ben Williamson, Finance & Commercial Director, ‎Totally Wicked Group
  • ECigIntellingence is a real compass for those operating in the electronic cigarette market and it would be unwise to venture into it without this essential tool.

    Alexandre Vedrine, International Sales Manager, Gaïatrend
    Alexandre Vedrine, International Sales Manager, Gaïatrend
  • We use ECigIntelligence daily and we find it very useful. The invaluable information at our fingertips helps us stay current in the world of changes that could affect our business, as well as helps us strategize to better serve our customers in key markets throughout the globe.

    Jameson Rodgers, COO, Mad Hatter Juice
    Jameson Rodgers, COO, Mad Hatter Juice

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Trusted data provider: Media turns to us for reliable information

BBC News interviewed Tim Phillips, the Managing Director of Tamarind Intelligence to sort out several questions about the potential ban on disposable vapes in the UK. This proposed ban stems from the escalating concerns surrounding the rising trend of young people vaping.

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    What services does ECigIntelligence offer?

    ECigIntelligence is the leading provider of detailed global market and regulatory analysis, legal tracking, and quantitative data for the e-cigarette sector worldwide.

    The e-cigarette sector is fast-moving and occupies an opaque regulatory environment where businesses need to be on top of industry developments to make informed decisions and optimise their strategy. We provide guidance and data-based strategic insights focusing on consumer-facing products.

    You can gain access to our exclusive data platform by purchasing an annual subscription-based service. However, we also provide customised analysis as well as the individual purchase of reports and databases in our shop.

    What kind of information and data are included in the subscription service?

    The subscription includes access to an online platform with extensive market and legal data. This includes data gathering, tracking, analysis and reporting, offered in a range of different easy-to-use data formats and subdivided by geographical areas. Each subscription plan gives you access to certain content types and regions, and covers a specific number of subscribers.

    Get in touch with us to find out more about subscription plans.

    How can a subscription plan help me?

    You will gain access to timely, worldwide data in one place, improving your insight, efficiency and planning capabilities. You will have everything you need to:

  • - Anticipate legal changes and market trends
  • - Identify opportunities and be ahead of your competitors
  • - Analyse trends and challenges to evaluate their impact on your organisation
  • - Build your own reports to share information and strategy with your team members
  • - Optimise use of your own time and make informed and strategic decisions without risks
  • What are ECigIntelligence's sources of information?

    ECigIntelligence offers a consolidated, consistent methodology with its own proprietary model thanks to years of expertise dedicated exclusively to the vaping sector. Our trusted team is made up of lawyers, economists and journalists. The core team is based in London and Barcelona, with support from a large team of regular correspondents and contributors in all key markets around the world. Our independence means you get access to information and frank, objective analysis that may not be available to other industry participants.

    In addition, we have direct contact with companies, governments, regulatory institutions, associations, and other stakeholders in all key markets, allowing us to offer deep and accurate insight to our clients.

    We strive to be impartial and objective, which means that we as a company don’t take pro- or anti- positions on particular regulatory issues (though our contributors are free to have, and express, their personal views). We do hope to encourage fair and reasonable regulation by fostering debate among all the many stakeholders concerned with regulating the e-cigarette industry.

    Is ECigIntelligence for me?

    If you are a manufacturer, retailer, regulator or government body, supply chain stakeholder, or trade body in the e-cigarette industry worldwide, ECigIntelligence will help you to do your job better. You will optimise resources with all the information you need on one platform, you will be ahead of your competitors, and you will make confident decisions based on a trustworthy source.

    How often is ECigIntelligence data updated?

    The frequency of data updates on ECigIntelligence depends on the type of analysis. We have a range of content that is updated at different times, which can be daily, monthly, quarterly, biannually or annually. Tracking data analysis has standard data updates due to the nature of the analysis, while other content types vary in their update frequency.