Canada online – an expanding market for pods and nicotine salts

This report focuses on pod starter kits, ultra-portable starter kits and nicotine salts on offer on the top 20 Canadian e-cigarette websites.

All top 20 e-cigarette websites in Canada sell pod kits.

The range of pods available has increased significantly since Q1 2018, from 19 to 45 brands. Meanwhile, the average price has decreased.

Open systems account for 80% of all pods on offer. The most widely available brand in this category is Suorin, while in the ultra-portable category it is Aspire.

Juul is the most available brand of closed pod kit.

The range of nicotine salt e-liquids offered has also increased significantly, from 45 to 71 brands. The average price of these has also decreased.

As in Q1 2018, all day vapours Naked 100 and Dr Fog (Premium Labs) are the three most available nicotine salt e-liquid brands.


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