‘TPD is damaging our business,’ says equipment manufacturer

A UK firm that supplies e-liquid sampling units to several European countries claims the EU Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) has had an adverse effect on its business. The London-based company, Vapedex, also calls for better hygiene in vape stores.

Mark Koeman, head of distribution for Vapedex, said: “The TPD certainly had an impact. Due to the general fear among retailers and their consideration towards preserving their bottom line, it has been very difficult for stores to justify spending on high-tech equipment.”

Samplers vary in size, price, and quality and can cost as much as £3750 (€4277).

Koeman also raised the importance of hygienic practices, saying: “An unfortunate trend that we notice quite often is that stores are not concerned about hygiene for their customers.

“Musical wind instruments are used in a similar manner to vaping devices. In the music scene, the hygiene of these instruments is paramount as the potential transfer of communicable diseases is a risk. We believe vaping is the same and we would love to have some help from the industry to get this message across to store owners before it becomes another issue that negatively impacts the general view on vaping.”


What This Means: Vaping samplers are a potential growth tool for bricks-and-mortar vape shops. However, if TPD implementation is causing shops to be wary, as Vapedex says, uptake may be restricted.

– Peter Henn ECigIntelligence contributing writer

Photo: Bankenverband – Bundesverband

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