Author: ECigIntelligence

Podcast: E-cigarette policy in New Zealand

Written by ECigIntelligence || 30th May 2023 || Podcasts |

Indigenous behavioural scientist Doctor Marewa Glover talks to podcast host Oliver Prescott about New Zealand's current e-cigarette policies, Smokefree Aotearoa and measures to tackle youth...

ECigIntelligence compliance calendar

Written by ECigIntelligence || 26th May 2023 || Regulatory databases |

The ECigIntelligence compliance calendar provides key regulatory deadline dates applicable to the vape sector. View deadlines and add them to your own calendar to stay ahead of upcoming changes to regulations ...

Podcast: Environmental impact of disposable vapes

Written by ECigIntelligence || 20th April 2023 || Podcasts |

Material Focus Executive Director Scott Butler talks to podcast host Oliver Prescott about the environmental impact of disposable vapes in the UK, the ban being considered in Scotland, challenges the industry is facing and potential solutions ...