Author: ECigIntelligence

ECigIntelligence compliance calendar

Written by ECigIntelligence || 1st February 2023 || Regulatory databases |

The ECigIntelligence compliance calendar provides key regulatory deadline dates applicable to the vape sector. View deadlines and add them to your own calendar to stay ahead of upcoming changes to regulations ...

Key global e-cigarette markets database: January 2023

Written by ECigIntelligence || 10th January 2023 || Market profile databases |

ECigIntelligence’s global e-cigarette market database, produced exclusively for Platinum subscribers, includes market size estimates; smoking rates; vaping statistics; form factors; online and offline pricing; distribution channels; brands and chains; and key contacts; covering more than 50 countries worldwide...

China: e-cigarette regulation, November 2022

Written by ECigIntelligence || 15th November 2022 || Regulatory reports |

In 2022, China finalised regulating e-cigarettes and imposed strict control over the vaping industry. This report provides a comprehensive overview of the current framework in place for such products, covering all policy areas ...