Heated tobacco usage in South Korea: a consumer survey

The heated tobacco (heat-not-burn, or HnB) market emerged in South Korea in May 2017 when Phillip Morris International (PMI) launched IQOS. Since then the market has been developing, with two more brands,Glo and Lil, entering the market three and six months later respectively. This made South Korea the second country, after Japan, to have three heated tobacco brands on the market. Recent analysis shows that the Korean market has been growing.

ECigIntelligence carried out an online survey of heated tobacco users in Korea in March-April 2018 to learn about the user experience and to reveal the relationship between HnB, conventional tobacco use, and e-cigarette consumption.

Analysis was based on 160 validated responses from current users aged 18+. The survey was distributed on heated tobacco and electronic cigarette forums and online groups. A financial incentive was offered for completion of the survey, but the fact the survey was posted in groups/forums connected with heated tobacco suggests this probably did not lead to non-HnB users responding.



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