Norway heading towards legal nicotine vapes

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Norway is set to legalise nicotine-containing e-cigarettes by the middle of this year.

The Scandinavian country currently has tighter regulation of non-nicotine-containing vapour products than applies among EU member states. After legalisation, e-liquids containing nicotine will require the approval of the Directorate of Health, according to an ECigIntelligence report.

Although not an EU member, Norway has adopted the Tobacco Products Directive (TDP) in order to harmonise trade policy with the rest of Europe.

Sale of products containing nicotine other than traditional tobacco products was banned in Norway in 1989.

It is against the law there to sell any vapour product to under-18s. If the vendor is unsure how old a customer is, they are obliged to ask for proof of age.

As in the TPD, it is required that all manufacturers, importers and distributors of e-cig products collect information regarding any adverse health effects caused by their products and withdraw any they have reason to believe are unsafe.

At present, there are no taxes applied to e-cigarettes in Norway.

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