Some manufacturers may be caught out by looming deadline, SFATA warns

This Saturday, 30th September, is the deadline for product registration with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

This is the date by which manufacturers of vapour products must register with the FDA and submit product lists, including labelling and advertisements.

Yet the Smoke Free Alternative Trade Association (SFATA) says some manufacturers seem unaware of the imminent deadline.

“For products introduced after [8th August 2016], you must register and submit product listing immediately upon manufacturing,” the FDA says.

According to the FDA website: “If you make, modify, mix, manufacture, fabricate, assemble, process, label, repack, relabel, or import any ‘tobacco product’, then you are considered a tobacco product ‘manufacturer’.”

The deadline was initially set at December 2016, but the FDA extended it for the industry. The deadlines differ for small and large-scale companies.


What This Means: Relieved by the deadline pushback by the FDA, some in the e-cigarette industry may be overlooking the approaching product registration deadline for manufacturers.

– Daniel Mollenkamp ECigIntelligence staff

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