Good COP, bad COP? WHO FCTC urges ad ban, more research

19th October 2014 - News analysis |

The final recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) on e-cigarettes allow for a wide range of regulatory regimes but single out advertising as a prime candidate for controls, as expected, as well as hinting at the need for public place usage restrictions.

In depth: e-cigs in the U.S. – market and regulatory analysis

24th September 2014 - Country market reports , Country regulatory reports , Market reports , Regulatory reports |

A comprehensive survey of the U.S. e-cigarette market and regulation, including: Market size • Consumption patterns • Online pricing • Distribution • Raw material supply • E-cigarette usage surveys • Current U.S. e-cigarette regulation • The future of e-cigarette regulation in the United States • Potential challenges to the deeming regulations • Taxation of e-cigs • State and local government regulation case study – California • Public place restrictions by state and local governments • Challenging the deeming regulations – precedents • The FDA regulatory process • The role and influence of trade and consumer associations

UK pharma regulator approves cigarette-like vapour device

12th September 2014 - News analysis |

Britain’s medicines regulator has issued a product licence for the nicotine inhaler Voke, which will be sold by British American Tobacco’s subsidiary Nicoventures and looks likely to be the closest pharmaceutically-approved competitor to the e-cigarette.

More study needed on complex nicotine-cancer relationship

7th August 2014 - News analysis |

Laypeople reading a new opinion paper in the journal Nature Reviews Cancer may be alarmed, but it is important to note that although nicotine can contribute to cancer, on its own the current evidence does not support a direct, carcinogenic link in “normal use”.

Swedish pharma regulator granted control over e-cigs

23rd July 2014 - News analysis |

A Swedish court has upheld attempts by the country’s medical products regulator to treat nicotine-containing e-cigarettes as pharmaceuticals, meaning that they must go through a licensing process and cannot be sold in outlets such as groceries and convenience stores.

EU to establish standard testing regime for nicotine dosage

1st April 2014 - News analysis |

The European Commission is expected to issue technical specifications on the measurement of nicotine intake from e-cigarettes, as member states’ law-makers and the industry prepare to comply with the testing requirements of the EU’s new Tobacco Products Directive (TPD).