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E-cigarette researchers outraged by charities’ “threatening” letters

11th October 2016 - Marketing & retailing , News analysis |

Scientists and researchers have said that anti-smoking charities are acting like the anti-Communist zealots of the 1950s McCarthy era in trying to keep them away from an international conference on tobacco and nicotine. One public-health expert said: “The tactic is to say ‘tobacco industry’ like senator Joseph McCarthy would once say ‘communist’ and assume that the argument ends there.” Another » Continue Reading.

France regulatory report: public spaces relaxed, ads banned

5th September 2016 - Country regulatory reports , Regulatory reports |

One of the world’s largest e-cig markets, France has transposed the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) in several pieces of legislation, starting with the Health Law plus decrees and ordinances with more detailed product specific regulation for e-cigarettes.

The most stringent provision has been an almost complete ban on any type of advertising and sponsorship, which equalises the e-cig regime with that of tobacco.

TPD compliance: what to test and how to test it

17th August 2016 - Regulatory reports , Topic regulatory reports |

The EU’s Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) demands that manufacturers supply information on the ingredients and components of e-cig products, as well as testing ingredients and carrying out toxicological assessments – but it is vague on the detail of what to test and how. More clarity has been forthcoming from the European Commission (EC), however, with guidance on its expectations for testing.

Russia: regulations expected by 2017

5th August 2016 - Country regulatory reports , Regulatory reports |

Contents1 Executive summary2 Regulatory landscape3 National regulatory framework4 Age restrictions5 Labelling and packaging6 Retail channel restrictions (including cross-border and distance sales)7 Public usage8 Advertising and marketing9 Taxation10 Enforcement11 Case law12 Future developments   There may be more recent ECigIntelligence reports on this territory. Please visit the home page for Russia or the advanced search page.         Executive summary   • E-cigarette » Continue Reading.

Making a myth: teens, e-cigs, science and the media

25th July 2016 - News analysis |

A new U.S. study claiming to show a link between youth e-cigarette use and tobacco smoking has not only been criticised by many scientists working in the field, but also demonstrates how misconceptions and misinformation on the topic of vaping spread through the media.

The deeming rule and PMTAs: what it all means for manufacturers

26th June 2016 - Regulatory reports , Topic regulatory reports |

Contents1 Introduction2 Why an ENDS product requires FDA approval3 Pathways to approval4 The FDA guidance on PMTAs5 PMTAs, public health, and scientific studies     There may be more recent ECigIntelligence reports on this territory. Please visit the home page for the United States or the advanced search page.       Introduction   On 10th May, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) » Continue Reading.

TPD does a good job on nicotine safety, says European Commission

20th May 2016 - News analysis |

The EU’s new Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) and national legislation are broadly sufficient to protect the public from nicotine poisoning, an official European study has concluded. But it does recommend further consumer education on the risks of ingestion, as well as tight control of industrial nicotine.

UK vape store pricing: online isn’t always cheaper

21st October 2015 - News analysis |

A lack of competition has left the south and east of England with the highest average pricing in vape stores – but prices across the UK generally remain remarkably competitive with online sellers, according to new research from ECigIntelligence.