Regulation and Legislation

Leno bill dies in California; grandfathering change survives

10th July 2015 - News analysis |

There was good news for e-cig advocates on both coasts of the U.S. this week, as a Congressional committee in Washington waved through proposed legislation that would exempt many e-cigarettes from aspects of the Food and Drug Administration’s deeming regulations, while another committee in California effectively killed a bill that would have banned vaping in most public places and formally equated e-cigs with tobacco.

Defusing the deeming regs: Congress, courts, and the FDA

9th July 2015 - Regulatory reports , Topic regulatory reports |

Legislative solution: giving the FDA discretion • Legislative solution: changing the grandfathering date • Legislative solution: amending the Tobacco Control Act • Judicial challenge: the Tobacco Control Act’s purpose • Judicial challenge: scientific evidence • Judicial challenge: free speech • Judicial challenge: are e-cigs really tobacco products? • Judicial challenge: injunctive relief • Solutions from the FDA

In depth: how common are e-cig fires, and why do they start?

6th May 2015 - Market reports , Topic market reports |

As the use of e-cigarettes has spread, so has the number of fires started by them. But while this has raised some concerns and generated some headlines, these incidents form a small proportion of fires overall, and the risk comes mostly from poor-quality and counterfeit batteries – hazards that could be eliminated with improved regulation and consumer education.

At last, a domestic e-cig market for China’s manufacturers

6th May 2015 - News analysis |

The domestic Chinese market for e-cigarettes appears to finally be opening up, with a major manufacturer having started distribution of nicotine-containing cigalikes through convenience stores at the beginning of this year, and a number of others having plans to distribute their own products in 2015.

Long-term study to examine health of vapers and dual users

14th April 2015 - News analysis |

The lack of long-term scientific studies into e-cigarettes is a common complaint. But the University of Wisconsin’s Center for Tobacco Research and Intervention (CTRI) is now starting to address that through a multi-year investigation of e-cigs’ health effects, backed by $3.7m in funding from the U.S. government’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the National Cancer Institute.