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Flavour tracker trial version

Written by JuditBach || 18th June 2020 || Flavour & nicotine trackers |

Market Research
Flavour & nicotine trackers
Description   Conveniently navigate our interactive and user-friendly visualisations to gain an advantageous perspective on the most significant flavour profiles, categories, nicotine formats and nicotine strengths offered by leading brands and top websites in seven major e-cigarette markets –...

Regulatory tracker trial version

Written by JuditBach || 1st June 2020 || Regulatory trackers |

Central America
Market Research
Regulatory trackers
Description   Our regulatory trackers offer all the information you need to understand the regulatory landscape for e-cigarettes worldwide, split into three regions (Europe, US and International). We understand that regulatory changes continue to pose a significant challenge...

E-cig companies face toughest clampdowns in South America and the Middle East

Written by JuditBach || 16th May 2019 || Press releases |

Regulation and Legislation
Press releases
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE A new tool from ECigIntelligence clarifies global regulatory requirements for the e-cig industry   If you’re looking for the strictest e–cig regulations across a region worldwide, look no further than the Middle East, with Saudi Arabia, Oman, Lebanon, Brunei,...

Video: Key findings from e-liquid manufacturer survey

Written by JuditBach || 6th December 2018 || Video |

North America
United States
Market Research
Eva Antal, our market director, presents exclusively to the attendees at the Vapevent 2018 the results of the latest ECigIntelligence US market survey focused on e-liquid manufacturers. It includes a market overview, explaining how fragmented it is and...

Video: Clearing the clouds: Reduced-risk and vaping regulation

Written by JuditBach || 27th April 2018 || Video |

Regulation and Legislation
EURACTIV organised a workshop to discuss the way forward in reduced-risk and vaping regulation. Pablo Cano, our head of legal analysis, has participated in the workshop that included the following questions: What are the main differences between e-cigarettes...