A hedge fund receives accurate and independent report on the legal risks associated with an investment operation

Client profile

The client is a UK-based investment firm looking to understand the legal risks and potential future regulatory changes that might have an impact on their investment.


  • The client needed to evaluate the existing and potential legal risks of their investment.
  • The client had to conduct due diligence with a trusted third party.
  • The client wanted to know which laws might change and which might be implemented.
  • The client wanted to understand the effective application of those regulations.

ECigIntelligence’s solution

ECigIntelligence’s team used their network on the ground and contacts with lawyers, government officials and industry stakeholders to identify any legal risks beyond what was already available on paper.

The report included an extensive analysis of different profiles in more than 20 countries, from Latin America to the Middle East, India, the United States and other territories, offering a global outlook. Part of the process included interviews and research with local lawyers.

Outcome & value-added

Outsourcing the assessment to ECigIntelligence provided the client with an extensive report of more than 100 pages, containing highly detailed information and an executive summary that allowed them to evaluate the legal risks of their investment and take the appropriate strategic decisions, and conduct their due diligence.

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